Why we only have hearts ♥️

Technically it is now possible to introduce more reaction types than just :heart:

However to support the encouraging tone, mission and good humour of the site, I’m not convinced introducing negative reactions would be a good thing. They might also be abused.

We also have to consider metrics and there’s a simplicity to the current system which is I believe is attractive.

Remember hearts show engagement and that someone has read your post. It can also mean solidarity and acknowledgment.

Therefore I’m not sure I see the benefit of ‘splitting’ the positive reaction either.

I’m not going to put this out for a democratic vote right now, but feel free to comment below.


Best idea to keep it simple. Personally I’d like to see more use made of the :heart: Symbol. I don’t think some people realise it’s there yet alone it’s uses. I’d like to see it used rather more. It’s wasteful of space to return a post stating simply ‘Thank You’. Better to just hit the :heart: Symbol. I’m always perfectly happy with that.


I understand wanting to keep it positive. But, I know that I don’t use the heart because I don’t want someone to think that I love their bad situation.

Perhaps if there was just a thumbs up or some other emoticon beside the heart that would let them know that we read the message and wish them well.

I agree that a reply to just say your sorry for their situation is aware of space, so I usually don’t do that either.


Yeah, in this situation I agree with you, it’s more tricky. I don’t think anyone would misinterpret your intentions, though Eric.

Perhaps we should look at this again sometime, but on balance I’ll think we should leave as is for now.

But thanks for raising this.


Even in a bad situation, I usually give a heart anyway just to show solidarity. Other times, that heart registers agreement with a statement or appreciation for new facts or perspectives.

I don’t believe we should ever add downvotes or the like. This is a resource site designed to provide support - not attack opinions.


I had more in mind a sad emoticon.

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That I do understand. But I’d still rather interpret it as “take heart”. After all, it does get better.