Wii fit

I have heard pros and cons of we fit in general, but as far as helping balance issues I have heard great things. Have any of you tried it to help with the balance issues of migraine?

Pam 3

Yes I have the Wii fit. I can’t say that it has helped with my balance because I also have a foot that doesn’t work. After the two days that I did use it, I did notice an improvement, but I had to quit using it for the time being, because I injured my foot playing a Wii sports game. :roll: I was waiting for my foot to start feeling better so that I can get back on it. I was also waiting to use it for a couple of months so I could start a thread on it including what I saw as both pluses and minuses on it. I have noticed a slight improvement in symptoms in general just playing the Wii sports, so once I get back to where I can use the fit board, I will post again on it. In the meantime, hopefully someone else with more experience than me will come along and post about it for you.


The Wii fit is wonderful. I noticed a decrease in my symptoms after playing the balance games. I love the soccer ball game. It seemed to help my motion sick/dizzy feeling. I need to play more regularly. Dr. Hain recommended it to me. It is beneficial and fun!


Thanks for your input!!! I think that will be my next purchase!!! It sounds like it might help my daughter as well, as she definately get car tummie aches!!!

Pam 3

Why do you think this video game is helpful? I would think it would make me dizzy. Just wondering. What has Dr. Hain said about it?


The Wii Fit is not your typical video game. There are no controls requiring your hands for it. You simply stand on a board that measures your weight destribrution and has you control things on the screen by shifting your weight around. It works a lot on posture which will help almost anyone with any type of balance problem. It also strengthens your lower leg muscles which are used a lot as part of the balance system. If you improve your posture, and strengthen your legs, your body has more balance info to work with. It is rather an interesting concept, and fun to play at the same time that you are excersising. I spent a half hour on it the first night I had it and my calves and waistline were surprisingly tired and sore the next day.


Hmmm… I wonder if that is why my dizziness was better when I was doing yoga and strength training. Lots of work on posture in yoga and my leg strength was much better then now. My daughter’s physical education teacher was really talking it up (the Wii) to the students. I would love to see a demo or try it out before purchasing - maybe I will check and see if the stores have a demo.

Just found out a friend of mine has the Wii but she does not have Wii fitness w/ balance board. I’m going to go over in a few days and check out this Wii game.

This is interesting! I find I can play video games for all of about 2 minutes before I have to stop due to feeling so bad! But I’m assuming that you aren’t playing any other games - just the balance stuff? I’ve been wondering whether to get one but haven’t yet because I was too concerned about the dizziness?


The Fit board is not so much like playing a video game as it is like having a personal trainer and a device to measure what you are doing and how well you are doing it. There are actual games, but those to aren’t like your traditional game. There isn’t a lot of activity on the screen, just a character that you have to control through various activities such as a hool-a-hoop by shifting your weight. It really is more physical than you would think.

If you just stay with the Wii activities and sports (and the Fit) there is less on the screen to deal with than in real life. If you have ever seen the kids religious cartoon “Veggie Tales” from the 90’s, the graphics are about the equivilent, so it shouldn’t be an eye strain for most people, even us. If you can watch kids cartoons you can probably do this. You should find a friend with one, and check it out. I haven’t met anyone yet that didn’t think that the bowling was almost too real, or how much of a sweat you can work yourself into playing tennis. Or with the Fit, how sore they were the next day after doing a round of excersises on it.


Thanks for the response and the clarification. Sorry I’ve not been online for a week or so. It sounds really good, and I’ve just given up the gym (I go running instead) so I’m going to use the money that I’ll save from gym membership to buy one of these!

Hi Pam!!

I have the Wii Fit. My vestibular therapist also recommended it. The visuals on some of the exercises are too much for me…it all depends on how dizzy you are before exercising. I think it can indeed help with balance because it’s kind of like the balance machines at the doctor’s…you can see your center of balance and adjust it, etc. I like it, but I have to admit lately I’ve given up exercise for its own sake. It just makes me feel so much worse! I’m just focusing on doing more and more normal daily activities–working up to the rest of it! :wink: But I do think the Wii Fit is a good buy.