Will I ever make a full recovery?

Hi everyone,

I started with Vestibular Migraines in December (constant mild dizziness, made severe by certain triggers). I’ve tried going back to work countless times, but ended up making myself worse and have now been referred to Occupational Health.
I was diagnosed by an ENT specialist in April, and am now taking Beta Blockers which don’t seem to be working. My doctor increased the dosage of my tablets and said that if they still aren’t working in 4 weeks, I’ll be switching to Nortriptyline.

Has anyone else been put on Beta Blockers or Nortriptoline? Did they work?

I’m obviously hoping to make a full recovery and return to work asap, but am wondering if it’s actually possible?

I tried propranolol and hated it. Gave me chest pains and slowed me down so I felt inhibited. Couldn’t even walk at normal pace and that was at 10mg! Amitriptyline, Nori’s ancestor drug, worked for me almost immediately to reduce dizziness and stop the attacks. I’ve been clear for two months so far. Don’t worry about rushing back to work, this is a nasty condition, take your time to get better!

That’s really reassuring, thank you for sharing your experience. I am taking 160mg of Propranolol a day and haven’t noticed a difference. Like you, I had a tight chest for the first few days. Fingers crossed the Nortriptyline will work :slight_smile: It’s stressful because I just want to be back at work, which doesn’t do me any good!

Stress and pressure is definitely NOT what you need. My employer has been extremely understanding, but I may be lucky. Human Resources should be experienced with ill health and this condition is not THAT unusual.

You’re absolutely right, stress is one of my triggers! I am hopeful that the Occupational Health doctor will put something in place regarding my return to work, just need to wait a month for my appointment.

That should be their job. They are a go-between and try to balance the patients condition with the needs of the business. And what the ‘business’ needs someone productive and predictable. Stress is definitely a trigger, in fact I got MAV as a result of one, possibly two viral infections which themselves were triggered by stress.

I think my case was quite similar. I was very run down with stress at work and got a bad cold, with a fever and severe dizziness. The cold went, but the dizziness stayed!

Well hang in there, I’ve had remission and setbacks, but confident that I’m on top of the migraines now and dizziness is gradually improving week by week, and i’m sooooo much better than I was in December. We’re lucky we have a sensible diagnosis, because some people out there think they are having recurring viral infections, which must scare the heck out of them!

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True! I was diagnosed with Labrynthitis for the first 4 months, so am glad that I’ve finally got a proper diagnosis. Are you able to work now?

I’m on my second, graded return. I had to abandon the first attempt due to ongoing attacks and complete lack of predictability of coming in. I’m not sure how it will turn out … nothing is predictable with this condition as you know so far. 4 month viral infection sounds long to me? Are you sure it wasn’t migraine and lack of compensation for much of that? The longest time I was suffering from ongoing inflammation was probably a month or so …

Yes, it has always been Vestibular Migraines, but Labrynthitis was a misdiagnosis. It’s promising that you’re back at work. I’ve tried to research the condition but there doesn’t seem to be much information about it. I’m hesitant about becoming dependant on medication; do you know of any natural remedies or tips to reduce attacks?

There are other members who are best to comment on natural remedies, liv85 is a great advocate for one. But I take your point. It’s early days for me and the relief I received on meds has made me less concerned about them … especially since Amitriptyline is a very well known drug and used for many chronic conditions … I’d rather pop a small pill once a day than have any of the symptoms I experienced beforehand!


True! I’m taking 4 pills a day at the moment, which seems slightly excessive. I wouldn’t mind taking one!

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