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Windy weather

Hi Guys

I was down on the SOuth Coast yesterday and it was crazily windy.

After an insane 10min walk on the windiest beach in the rain, I got back to the car and felt absolutely awful. Full spins, and out of it, on another planet.

Has anyone else experienced feeling like this after walking in wind?

I’ve had it again this lunch time but milder after walking out in this atrocious English Xmas weather.



I nearly posted myself to ask the same question you have. I’m down in the South West and it’s like being in Wuthering Heights! It’s atrocious. And I’m feeling it very badly in my head. I can hardly bear to hear the wind howling anymore even when I’m indoors, I feel altogether disorientated. It’s driving me nuts!

Went out this morning, was blown sideways by the wind. Was only outside for about five minutes and when I got in I had to completely change as I was so wet from the driving torrential rain. I felt dreadful. Just wanted to sit still and get my head back together.

So you’re definitely not on your own MM. Hope it subsides soon. Particularly as our two kids have had to put off travelling down here till tomorrow because of the conditions.

Take care


I get more dizzy from deing outside in the cold wind and then get those stabbing pains for a few days. I read about another kind of migraine the other day that I do not have but I copied/ pasted and shared a link. It is scary. Good luck.

Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic Douloureux)

“Short, jab like pain in trigger areas found in the face around the mouth or jaw. Frequency and longevity of pain varies. Relatively rare disease of the neural impulses; more common in women after age 55.
Cause unknown. Pain from chewing, cold air, touching face. If under age 55, may result from neurological disease, such as MS.”

Hi MM!

I honestly thought I was alone on this one!

I always walk on the beach and it’s windy. Afterwards I am so so swimmy headed and dizzy!

It takes me about 30 mins to get back to base. I was trying to unlock the front door after my walk and it was like I was drunk. It’s crazy!

I guess cold wind can cause headaches?


Hi to Lucille, Read your post regarding Trigeminal Neuralgia. My mom had this about 10 years ago and it was one of the most horrific things she has been through as far as pain (she’s also been through a ruptured colon, puts it in perspective). The doctors like to have never gotten rid of it. Huge shots for the pain, passing out in the car on way home from dr., dad had to turn around and take her back. Not sure what the trigger was, but it was time for her hormone shot and then it went away. Still has some sensitivity on that nerve. You were very correct in saying these were bad.

I wonder if wind changes the pressure balances between the middle and inner ears. I’m not sure what the exact mechanism would be, but it may be a similar situation as when an upper respiratory infection (cold) increases dizziness in a Meniere’s patient by altering the pressure in the middle ear via a blocked eustachian tube… Some doctors say that pressure in the middle ear should have no impact on that in the inner ear (encased in bone), but surely there is some connection since the Meniett low pressure device (designed for Meniere’s) is administered via the middle ear causing an impact in the inner ear…

I don’t even have to be outside in the wind. Windy days will often stir up my vertigo for whatever reasons. Once the weather calms down, the vertigo usually does too…until the next day.

I used to work in a school prior to the birth of my twins and part of the supervising work involved going out onto the field to get the kids back inside. If it was windy and cold and I was out for a little while when I came back in the dizzies hit me like a brick wall, I would struggle to walk back around the school and to hold a conversation. I have no idea why going from cold to warm did that to me but glad I am not the only one.

Very weirdly though, I tend to feel a little better if I have a hooded coat on with the hood up!!!??? You should all try it, have even less idea why this would be.

Is it a cold wind? Because I often feel pretty bad if it’s windy and my ears get blasted with the cold air. Once I go back in and “thaw” out I begin to get my “land” legs back on… If you don’t notice this, it may due to the changes in pressure as fronts move through. Ironically it is soooooo windy here today since a major cold front came through. Temperature has gone from 70 to 30 overnight…and I am not feeling quite right today… Think you guys are onto something! :smiley:

I remember a friend of mine who had had Labyrinthitis and suffers balance issues from time to time phoning me to ask if I suffered extra dizziness/disorientation outside in strong winds. She’s just managed to stagger back home in a storm with the dog herself. Another friend of hers who is chronically deaf (profoundly deaf people suffer too apparently) had since given her advice about making sure the wind didn’t reach her ears in such conditions. When really acute I did experience extra dizziness and had to avoid windy weather completely but this reduced as the condition improved with meds. I still avoid excessively high winds but couple of days back went walking and ending up sitting on a bench in what must be a particularly exposed area in strong wind for about half an hour. I put my hood up and pulled it tight and also lightly cupped my hands over my ears almost all the time too. The walk home seemed fine but the following day I had Full On Ear Pressure something I have not experienced in six months at least, my balance was awful and I felt rubbish all day. Coincidence, maybe, maybe not. Helen

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Absolutely NOT a coincidence Helen. The wind cripples my ears they go beserk, pressure and pain…
Jo x


Me, too. I have noticed it’s bad, but a different bad, now that I had my ear tubes removed and the ear drums healed. Before the wind would get into the myringotomy tubes. If it was cold the dry air would get down into my Eustachian tubes and cause sharp, penetrating pain in my jaw and neck. Now that the tubes are gone, I’m back to the underlying Eustachian Tube Disorder. My ears are full and the tinnitus is very loud. And I can hear that crunchy crackling sound sometimes accompanied by my pulse. Wind ramps that up from easy to ignore to rip your own ears off. Not sure which of those two crappy options I prefer. Maybe the tubes, though the ever present threat of getting water in your ears and a subsequent ear infection was a pain in the butt.

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Wind is one of my immediate triggers. I mentioned it once on one of my diary updates


I never had any trouble with wind or weather of any kind pre-MAV. I recall my Mother mentioning the weather is connection to ‘having a funny head’. She wasn’t a migraineur and never took painkillers so now I’m wondering what sort of ‘funny head’ she might have meant cos I never gad a clue at the time but it’s too late to ask her now. When acute I did have trouble with wind making me more dizzy but lost that or so I thought. Now I’m beginning to wonder. Even though so much better in many ways I find changes in barometric pressure seem to be having an effect. I’ve been keeling a note this week and it’s starting to look obvious. Wonder if MAV leaves us with increased sensitivities. Interesting what @janb wrote recently elsewhere:-

have mainly been ok but have had a lot of ear pressure this week - the barometric pressure affects my ears quite a bit and there have been lots of changes in my area this week. Yesterday was particularly bad - I had ear pressure, loud tinnitus and nose pressure and I am wondering if the autumn/winter months will be less good for me than the summer because of weather changes

You and me both Jan. Helen