Wish I’d been told about this diet 20 years ago.. has been life changing!

Hello Everyone
In the midst of my Vestibular Migraine onset, behind the scenes, you were all of so much help and comfort to me. Which is why I wanted to share this in the hope that it helps someone…
I have had chronic migraines for 20 years with hormonal migraines lasting up to 3 days. On average 4-6 migraines a month.
In 2016 they developed into vestibular migraines ( I have a feeling Sumatriptan contributed to this over the years of taking multiple doses. I always felt like I was on a boat soon after taking them) I had to leave my job permanently and symptoms continued for a few years. I now have the vestibular condition under control with Amitriptyline. However my hormonal/stress/weather/food etc… migraines continued.

Like all of us, I have tried anything and everything. Nothing really helped… until recently… I came across a talk by Dr Neal Barnard on utube “How to heal your hormones” which led me to eating a whole food, plant based diet. I was brought up eating a healthy diet, or so I thought. Eliminating all animal products has been a game changer! For the last 5 months my migraines have been decreasing and… miracle of miracles… I have not had a 3 day migraine for the past 2 months!!
I started the diet in March of this year and felt the effects very quickly, within 2 weeks my mood/anxiety and digestion improved, energy increased, joint pain dissolved and skin felt softer. So the benefits are there for everyone, not just hormonal women.
This last weekend I spent 4 hours in the garden.

I am hoping this information transforms your life too.
Have a look at:
Dr Neal Barnard
Dr Michael Greger
Two documentaries
“What the Health” and “The Gamechangers”

With Much Love and Gratitude.


That’s great! So glad you’ve found your solution!

I think people are underestimating the role of diet.

I’ve recently posted about how the aetiology of MAV might be based on issues with diet.

It turns out the diet promoted to treat gastritis is uncannily similar to the 6C’s diet used for MAV/VM.

Thank you for sharing, and wish you continued success with the diet!

(NB separating an introduction to you with another post describing the success with this diet might have made your topic more succinct and accessible to future readers)

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So glad to hear that you have found what works for you. I agree with you (and James) that diet has a huge effect on what ails us - it’s just that it is often different for different people! I had a food intolerances test and have found that cutting out/down drastically on what my body does’nt like has been beneficial to me.
Wishing you continued good health!!!

Really pleased to hear you are doing so well with your specialist diet. I read somewhere 10% of migraineurs find they can achieve success by diet alone.

Just for the record and following on from your mention of ‘not just hormonal women’. I’d be interested to hear. Have you reached menopause now? And are you still on the Amitriptyline.

That’s so great that you are improving. Long may it continue!

Thanks for sharing, will search and follow them in Youtube. I was not aware how eating lifestyle can be so effective but, still, it depends mainly on one’s hormones. Looking forward that it will work for everyone.

So happy for you that this has helped so much! It’s funny, i was teetering on vegan for about 2 years and now am doing keto (a considerable amount of animal products as well as lots of vegetables) and reaping similar benefits to you. Just shows how different we all are. I’ll definitely check out the clips you recommend. :blush:

Hi, can you please explain the 6 C’s diet? I’ve heard of 4 c’s, but don’t see anything about 6. I’d like to avoid the additional 2 c’s too :smiley:. Thank you!

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It’s in the site’s Wiki here: Diet and linked on the Welcome Topic which is itself linked in the Hamburger Menu top right.

Thank you!

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Is it okay to eat eggs and drink coffee while on plant based diet? It makes me curious where to categorize the eggs since this are animal produced.

No no no. Coffee is acidic either decaffeinating or not so it’s not a good idea.

I personally believe boiled or poached eggs are ok.