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I was diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines 4 yrs ago, but I have a new symptom now. I speak gibberish, I even think in gibberish! When i used to get the migraines, sometimes I wasn’t able to talk, I knew what I wanted to say but couldn’t get the words out.

Now I swap words around or use nonsensical words in weird sentences. I keep substituting words for names of things that are not what I am talking about. I can’t remember names or words! Its very frustrating! Does anybody else have the same symptoms?

Thanks 3birds

I’ve not had it that bad but that sounds like the result of brain fog. That can really inhibit many processes. Might that make sense?

Are you taking medication? Helen

Thanks for the replies. No I am not on any medication at the moment. I have been on verapamil(calcium channel blocker) and amtriypline. I stopped the ccb because it made me tired and more foggier.

This last week has been awful. My balance is bad, I have terrible pressure in my head and the tinnitus is very loud! I haven’t had it this bad for awhile. The whole word thing is worse at night. It might be transient aphasia, word substituting. Even my spelling had become worse!

So no longer on the Ami either?

If you stop prescribed medication unfortunately you may have to accept the trade-off.

I was on Ami for 1.5 years. It got quite easy to live with once my body was used to it.

You could try Nort as that’s less sedating or move onto SSRIs.

Make sure you are completely off caffeine in any case.

Hi I have 2 young children. In the morning wen getting them ready in the morning I literally slur my words. I’m so suffering with brain fog I get everything wrong. I will often say rubbish. It’s horible. Worse wen I’m tired too

I get that all the time! Have done for years. My brain fog is severe, but I have other conditions as well. R

Unfortunately this is quite common with migraneurs, when my symptoms are at their worst, I’d be the same and a tad forgetful. A migraine nurse told me that our brains are overwhelmed and things get muddled. Like veena when I’m very tired, I’d be a tad muddled. Hope this phase settles for you, stay strong and take care x

ive had it, in the middle of teaching, English is not my first language, and I cant remember words in either language. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Yep, I get this especially with bad migraine days. I think one word for it is Aphasia. Anyways, I can hardly read a book to my son, my words get all jumbled and swapped, can’t pronounce words properly and it takes multiple tries to get it right. Sometimes it feels like my mouth muscles are to blame, sometimes it feels like its a problem somewhere in the brain. It is indeed frustrating and embarrassing at times, but consistent with migraine activity as I understand it.


Yes me too, I am very tongue-twisted at times and can’t find or mix up simple words. Embarassing and also disheartening as I used to be an editor with an excellent vocabulary and very much value precision and elegance of speech.

Spoonerisms I come up with though not so often these days. I cut my SO a plate of ‘sand cheese-witches’ one day, in summer he regularly ‘lows the mawn’ and friends fly off from ‘Gatport Airwick’. Managed to muddle a complete sentence the other day which caused hilarity. Cannot remember what it was now. And that’s probably another MAV symptom on its own. Helen

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And then of course it happens to everyone at some point. So, give yourself a break sometimes, mixing words up is human. :grinning: