Workplace lighting - Help? Suggestions?

Hi everybody!

Back at work and now the battle is to get rid of this blasted fluorescent lighting. I have always hated this stuff and now I know why.

How have you all dealt with your situations? Does a desk lamp with an incandescent or LED bulb help, when everything else around you is FL?

My employer will fight tooth and nail to avoid doing what is needed for me. I work for the State and have a Union I can use but would rather not deal with the stress - another trigger!!

Any suggestions or personal stories would be most welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks all, hope everyone is getting better and better!


I use migraine glasses. I know they make you look a bit like you are wearing sunglasses inside, but they work for me–I work for the state as well.

I don’t use them every day–just when I feel like the migraine/dizzies are on call to wreck my day or if I am not feeling “right” to start with.

I got mine from Axon Optics:

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Axon Optics Migraine Glasses (US only)
More relevant eyewear here

Im going to have to try those glasses. the hospital is ridiculous with all of the fluroscent lighting. All i see is floaters and swirls and stars and i cannot handle this!

Hi Kathleen,

I just had the people in charge of OHS at my organisation come over to my desk and switch them off. Luckily I sit near a window with lots of sunlight. When the lights went off, I immediately felt better. Good luck.

BTW, the girl who sits near me is also a migraineur (but not VM) and has her lights off too after seeing the positive effect it had on me so now our whole corner is switched off. Perfect!



I have had massive problems with my office environment. Here’s my tips:

  1. Move to be as close to a window as possible- you want as much natural light as possible. But make sure-
  • Your screen is not directly facing or behind the window or you’ll get an odd reflection- I find being side on is perfect- the natural light comes in between my eyes and the screen. I put my screen as close to the window as I can get but side on.
  • You need blinds across the window for when the sun comes in and it’s too bright.

  1. Turn the overhead flourescent lighting off. I tried filters, I tried 2 bulbs instead of 4. I tried it all… One engineer even concoteced this amazing combination of special black fire retardant material slotted onto the light fitting so that I wouldn’t be able to see the light- and I couldn’t- but it still affected me even though it was only lighting up my desk space- which is interesting. But anyway, I digress…

Turning the lights off may affect others sat opposite/around you. So you need to move to a desk which won’t affect others or the others need to move. Or someone who doesn’t mind your lighting choices needs to sit near you. Unfortunately I ended up pissing off the small I.T department sat opposite me by constantly standing on my desk fiddling with the overhead light, etc and they ended up moving up the other end of the office, but there wasn’t much more I could do. Now I have someone sat opposite me who tolerates my diva lighting demands.

  1. You need normal lightbulb lighting above your head if you can get it. If its no possible, try a upright lamp. My company kindly bought me an standing uplighter lamp. Important- you want one with a dimmer switch on it so you can turn it up and down. You need one which gives out a high wattage so it’s bright enough to light up the whole of your area- bearing in mind you’ve turned the over head light off.
    This is the one I have:

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I can be made to turn up really bright and I put it behind me- it’s good to illuminate the back wall directly behind me for the person opposite me as well. And there is a crappier one in front of me to help the girl opposite me.

  1. Try filters over your screen. I use a blue one of these. It helps me. … erlay.aspx

  2. Take regular breaks. I never do this, it’s hard. But it does help.


Thank you all for the replies!

I have had the overhead FL’s turned off, LED bulbs are on their way. In the meantime I will bring in a lamp to help diffuse the FL leaking over from the adjoining cubicles.

My station backs up to a wall of windows, so I have natural light as well to help out. Unfortunately, due to the design of the building, I cannot sit right up against a window. That would be best, but having it so close is really helpful.

I am also going to look into the migraine glasses. Migralens, I think they’re called?

Again thanks everyone!! Miss Moss, love the pics! They really call you She Devil?? :wink: