Worse on amitriptyline or coincidence

Started back on Ami which I was on many moons ago. My symptoms have changed so much with this relapse which has been ongoing since 2021 up and down but never back to my old self.
In desperation I’ve gone back on this as it helped in the past but the last two days after going up to 10mg my head feels like it will pop :sob: I’m so dizzy keep getting random spins and tinnitus is so bad.
I could just be having a flare up again any suggestions I will have to stop it if this Carry’s on and I want to give it a go anything just to stabilize me

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Definitely persevere … I found 20mg to be the sweet-spot for me.

Also, keep calm, know you will improve and, if necessary, do consider some counselling with someone experienced with vestibular patients. Your anxiety is palpable and that could be making you worse?

I don’t know I just don’t know how much longer I can keep going at the moment the depression is so bad now fighting this illness.
The dizziness when k try and sleep is horrid so bad I just do want to die at the moment. If I didn’t have kids who need me I wouldn’t be here.

disclaimer: really experimental, but have you tried intermittent fasting?

I’m trying this atm, and I believe it is having a significant effect on reducing my tinnitus (but far from eliminating it yet!).

I’m trying not to eat after 4pm, cutting out as much sugar as possible (so no desserts, sweet snacks).

I try to eat as late as possible in the morning.

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I got worse on Ami. As well as on Topiramate, Gabapentin and Nortryptaline. All of them increased my symptoms dramatically within twenty minutes of taking each pill. Couldn’t even stand the starting doses. But this is a rare occurrence. Many people may initially feel worse but get better over time. So I would say try to perservere and see how you go. If you genuinely cannot tolerate how much worse you feel if it doesn’t subside in time (mine didn’t) then you know your own body and can make the choice to come off the drug if need be.

I hope you feel better soon. I understand the mental affects of this ilness. It’s horrible. Low mood and anxiety are actual symptoms of migraine, not just due to the restrictions on your life. Understanding that can help to deal with it.

Councelling might help.

The majority of people with VM do get better. I still believe that and keep hoping. My neurologist said “we need to get your life back on track” - which proves he believes 100% that it’s possible.

Hang in there.