Would you describe your dizziness as

being tipsy???

There are so many types of dizziness and rockiness I have experienced, but for the most part, I’d have to say that I mainly feel like I’m tipsy all the time, rocky like I’ve had a few too many glasses of wine? Does anyone else feel this way?

I am like this 24/7 with no relief. I’ve just upped my topamax to 50 mg in my 3rd week. I also tried my 1st klonopin and didn’t notice any relief. :frowning:

I’ve also noticed extreme neck pain on the left side of my neck and almost down to my shoulder…could this be migraine related too? geez. sometimes i feel like i’m falling apart…

yep, that’s the best description of mine as well - it’s also like my eyeballs are rolling around in my head - I mean the thing I focus on is stable, but everything else is kinda “vibrating”


That’s exactly how I describe it to my friends when trying to tell them how I feel on the mild dizzy days. They get confused when I say migraine without the headache so I always add that I feel dizzy, like I’m drunk, but without the fun of actually drinking the alcohol!


My dizziness is not so much a feeling in my head, it actually feels external to me. I feel like the floor is spongy and wonky, like I am rocking or falling over and being pulled to one side like a dodgy shopping trolley.

Yes, like being tipsy. Its a good description because most people can understand that.

I have had the pulling to one side, always the same side (expect thats the ear involvement)

Neck pain goes hand in hand with my migraines (they are usually at the back of my head) sometimes the temples.

I could not stand and hold a conversation in the kitchen yesterday I was so dizzy I was sweating with it. I had to go up on the bed. Very unpleasant.

Then, of course there is the full blown vertigo attacks where the room is spinning round, like you have come off a roundabout or someone has twirled you around 50 times, only it doesnt go away for 6 to 24 hrs. Thats the worse :frowning:


When it hits, it either feels like my eyes are rolling around in my head (disorientation) and head feels like a bowling ball or when I walk it feels as though I’m being pulled to the left of right – dysequilibrium. Right now there’s very little dizziness because it’s all just pain happening :evil:

Mine changes off and on - lately its gotten worse and its a rocking feeling and a feeling like i’m gonna pass out when i feel weak and then there is this jerking feeling like i’m falling - i just sit there jerking back and forth - my head. i was like that at work the other day in some training it was awful cuz i was trying to look up at a screen in the room and hardly could - i am on a computer 9 hours a day and sometimes it’s hard to look very far up on the screen.

i can also lay in bed at night and jerk a lot like im falling I’m sick of it. now it’s warm and super windy - good old Spring weather - so i feel a lot worse :frowning:


does anyone else get like this???

A bit of overkill, but here is a list of mine. And yes…you can throw in the “drunken” feeling without the fun part :slight_smile: The novely of this has certainly worn off…

  1. 3-5 seconds when I first wake up where I feel normal, then the fogginess appears and it is with me for the rest of the day.

  2. Low grade humming / tinnitus which ALWAYS gets louder when I feel worse!

  3. Changing in tinnitus tone several times during the day

  4. Focusing in a meeting is extremely difficult or when talking to someone on on one while standing up is extremely unpleasant.

  5. Sometimes I get pressure behind my eyes when very symptomatic

  6.  Extremely sensitive to light when feeling symptomatic							
  7. Extreme motion sensitivity , especially with driving (post driving)

  8.  Feel faint quite often in meetings and/or church , etc.  Close to passing out ,				but it has never happened.							
  9. Sometimes see lights or “something”, but this does not happen often.

  10. When I close my eyes for nap or sleep, my head gets extremely “busy” and noisy. I have extreme difficulty falling asleep when the fogginess is ramped up.

  11. The severity of symptoms changes by the second sometimes!

  12. Crisp cool air makes me feel better ??? Hot tubs make me feel worse ???

  13. Extreme visual sensitivity in shopping centers, malls, fluorescent lighting, etc.

  14. Noise sensitivity when my symptoms are ramped up.

  15. Extreme fatigue							
  16. Numbing sensation in mouth area (lips and chin) when symptomatic.							
  17. Pulsating sound in left ear which pulsates louder when feeling worse.				
  18. Exercise / exerting energy aggravates symptoms for an hour or so.

  19. Occasional burning sensations in feet/hands

  20. The ground sometimes feels like I am walking on a sponge when symptoms are ramped up

  21. I see "stars" often, like a boxer that just got punched.  Little exertion causes this?							
  22. When tone of tinnitus changes, I sometimes feel better for a minute (?)

Yes, me too - I get the tipsy feeling a lot, sometimes just lightheadness, and at night in bed I often feel like I’m leaning to the left. I tend to feel a tilt to the left when I’m dizzy and upright as well. If the migraine is full blown I will have neck pain down the left side of my neck to my shoulder, but most of that has eased up since working with a physical therapist and also the upper cervical chiro. I really need to eat every 3-4 hours or low blood sugar makes me lightheaded/tipsy as well. This really is a 24/7 condition when it’s in full gear, isn’t it??

interesting gail, so you get the neck pain as well when you are having a migraine too. see, i can’t tell when i am having a migraine because i am just dizzy all the time! i think i have inner-ear damage so i’m hoping to help rid the migraine so my ear can start healing and strengthen.

i hate this but it’s comforting to know that other people around the world now what you are talking about.

my best friend the other day said, " are you sure you don’t need to go to a psychiatrist? are you sure this isn’t just in your head!" god love her!

Hi Salem
My neck pain is a lot better… it used to be excruciating and just as distracting as the dizziness. It is infrequent during the week now. However, all I have to do is ingest too many wheat products, more than 1/4 cup caffeine, dairy, etc. and I’m off on a painful dizzy spastic spin. I get clumsy, burning/itchy skin… the whole works. I think the skin thing may be from the wheat or maybe from the topamax or occasional Advil… not sure yet.
Where in California are you?? I’m in northern california, bay area. Or, did we have this conversation already?


Yes, I get the neck pain too. When this first kicked in it was excruciating 24/7 pain, which slowly subsided with the help of my chiropracter and acupuncture over a number of months.

In total agreement with the tipsy analogy too, though with the head fog, fatigue etc that often goes with it i tend to liken it more to being permanently hung over.

Pass the wine…!

— Begin quote from “Victoria”

My dizziness is not so much a feeling in my head, it actually feels external to me. I feel like the floor is spongy and wonky, like I am rocking or falling over and being pulled to one side like a dodgy shopping trolley.

— End quote

DITTO! Sounds just like me…isn’t it fun?

Lori :slight_smile:

interesting…does anyone know how alcohol effects the brain after a few drinks?

i bet if we figure that out, then figure how to stop that from happening, then, voila! our dizziness will be gone! :slight_smile:

yh first poster described my dizziness its like this 24/7 with added dizzys and jolts at various times !