Would you fly if you had sinus infection?

I’ve had chronic sinus infections since March, and am starting my second round of antibiotics and the 5 day prednisone pack. Has anyone here that has suffered vertigo flown with a sinus infection? I’m terrified, since flying sets off vertigo , especially, if it’s a bumpy flight when I am not sick. I’m leaving next week, and the meds should kick it, but I’m still worried. My ENT has literature in his office that really discourages flying as it can cause ear drum bleeding, perforation and “other serious consequences.”

Sorry, butterflygirl, I’ve no first hand experience but did hear of others getting ruptured eardrums when flying with a sinus infection and get bad vertigo etc.

Unless I had to, I wouldn’t fly like that.

I hope you recover soon.

Hi, fussy, oh, that’s very bad. Hopefully, by next week, I wiil be ok with the meds I’m taking. If not, I plan to cancel the trip.