Wouldnt it be nice!

Wouldnt it be nice to get up one morning only to open your eyes and not see the room spin or the alarm clock bouncing around.
And to wash my hair without feeling like im gunna fall and crash into the showerscreen when im washing my shampoo out.
Everyday for 12 years this is how my morning starts and to only finish the same way, its like the movie groundhog day .
A sleepin would be nice but if i sleepin my vertigo would be 10 fold.
I would love to eat a meal without my eyes bouncing around after chewing ,or even to sit and eat a meal without having to have my head resting on something.
Driving my car would actually be ok if we didnt have traffic lights, not for the fact of being late for an appointment but for the fact of my head still thinks im driving and my car is swaying side to side and the traffic light is as well, should anyone even be driving feeling like this :?
Wouldnt it be wonderful to go shopping and look in all the shops without collapsing from the noise , bright lights and the clutter all around or even just looking like im drunk cause im staggering through kmart and running into things and tripping .
People take simple everyday things for granted but once u get 24/7 vertigo and migraines your as disabled as a person in a wheelchair the only difference is we have no external faults to know something is wrong with us.
I hope i dont have to go on the rest of my life with this, ive lost my 20s and now it seems my 30s.
Ive been on every kind of medication and even tried herbalists and i have seen every kinda doctor there is.Im fighting this alone well i thought i was until i found this website and realised im not the only one.

i am right there with you. it would be very nice. the best thing ever.

Never give up on that wish. I finally came back around after a few years of hell. Every day I must monitor my life around me and make choices to keep myself stable, and I have setbacks but after a few years of narrowing in what sets me off and how to eliminate what I can and deal with the rest, I managed to get my life back. It’s a tough road for sure, I’ve made many sacrifices and I miss the spontaneity, but never give up trying to figure out what it is that is perpetuating your symptoms and how to remedy the situation because feeling better is a greater victory than what has been lost.

tell me about it, i cant even be bothered wearing any of my nice clothes anymore i figure i feel like shit whats the point in trying to look half decent its just not a priority. sometimes i feel like having a go at the drs, why hell isnt this study more?like other diseases, how can it be so hard to fix the dam thing without turning me into a ginney pig?maybe if they suffered from it they would be more inclinded to find answers.im so sick of saying no i still got it, i dont want people to ask me anymore, i tell you if ever get rid of it people will be asking what the hells she on?why so excited!!!

Yes, it would be lovely. Even though I’m MUCH better these days, the 24/7 agony of the 8 or so months I experienced before finding the right drugs for me makes me grateful for what I’m left with. I’m so envious of the people at work who can walk and talk and not feel like they’re multitasking. So many times I’ll veer off, brush the wall, etc and try to act like it’s normal. I hate the bouncing vision, but there are days when it’s minor, and I’m SO thankful for them. Can you imagine not always having to adjust the lighting in a room or the brightness on your computer?

I took my son for a minor surgical procedure today and saw some kids who are really sick and must have had many surgeries, many medicines. I feel so grateful for my healthy kids and husband.

Keep fighting. Keep trying different drugs. I love amitriptyline + a long acting benzo (chlordiazepoxide).

— Begin quote from “dizzymingo”

Keep fighting. Keep trying different drugs. I love amitriptyline + a long acting benzo (chlordiazepoxide).

— End quote

I love Nortriptyline + Valium = my two best friends.

Dizzyblonde you are such a beautiful girl, dont give up. Have you tried any Benzos like Klonopin/Clonazepam? That stuff is like the star on top of the Christmas tree!!!