Wow: new symptom, shimmering jagged curve in vision, growing

New symptom, shimmering jagged curve in vision, growing … thought it was my glasses at first and one eye, but seems to be in both eyes.

Thought I was over new symptoms after 2.5 years of this crap.

Anyone had this?

Always a bit unsettling when you get a completely new symptom …

I guess this is a migraine artefact?

Yep, looks like classic ocular migraine:


Yep, me too when migraine hit and mine were multicoloured like a stained glass window, pretty but pretty annoying!!

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That’s my least favorite type of visual aura. Sorry.:confused:

That’s a “scintillating scotoma.” I’ve had them once or twice. Search Google for “scintillating scotoma” but select “Images” instead of “All” and you’ll see all sorts of artists’ depictions!


Hi James,

Does the line look like the one shown in the below migraine simulation video from Excedrin. It appears for a brief second or two jagged curved line in the simulation

Btw I thought this video was cool

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Today was very like the pattern @1:14. But no spots. It only lasted 25 mins or so and there was no pain. Didn’t mess with me that bad once I was sure it was migraine.

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The time that it happened to me, it lasted about 20 minutes. My hubby was sure I was having some sort of stroke. I said, “No, I’ve read something about this before, let me Google it,” and found an image of a scintillating scotoma that was almost exactly what I was seeing.

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For me it was the start of a brainstem aura and the worst migraine of my life. I hope you’re feeling better.

Thank you. Yes, no pain, lucky. Poor you!

Yes the alternative explanation for me initially was I was having a stroke. This happened my dad (he was well into retirement by then). and it left him partially blind in one eye. Didn’t stop him though :sunny: we need to think positively. :slight_smile:

Yes, scintillating scotoma. I’ve had a few of those - unnerving the first time, until I discovered what it was. They usually disappear after 20 minutes or so with few other symptoms of migraine, except a slightly sick feeling that can last for a day or so.

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Welcome to the club. I seem to get these about twice a year, and have done for 15 years or so, although the frequency has gone up a bit since MAV struck. Mine can lead to total loss of vision on the affected side - can’t see anything past about 2 o clock (or 10 o’clock if it’s on the left) and similarly this lasts 25-30 mins. If I can sleep or close my eyes it goes away completely within an hour and I’m back to normal. It’s all part of the fabled migraine aura. My mother has exactly the same, but hers always precede awful headaches. No pain asociated with mine, fortunately.
Since MAV I get Vision spots or flashes of light much more often, sometimes in and off for days.

Lucky for us … sorry about your poor mum.

Yeah, I’ll take twice a year of this symptom if its benign … not the worst compared with the other things we have to put up with …