Wrist band

Has anyone heard of or had success with those pulsating wrist bands. They are supposed to be used for motion sickness. Relief and 2.0 sells for about $200. It would be well worth the money if it worked on vertigo. Any thoughts?

I’d go for the Cefaly migraine product before the wrist band I think. But I’ve never had rotary vertigo, just nasty head pressure.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I know people who use those battery charged devices for chronic severe back pain with some success and I’ve heard of wristbands successfully used for travel/motion sickness. Guess it would depend on how severe the vertigo is. And where it’s coming from. You’d have to just try it and see. No other way to find out really. Helen

You’re right, just like everything else with this stupid condition, we have to figure everything out for ourselves!

Actually I just happened to come across this identical photo of this device elsewhere on this forum yesterday hidden in another archived thread from 2012 I think it was. Use the Search facility. That might give you some idea. Helen

Good idea, thanks.