Hello Mvertigo people

Anyone tried the above formula? If not, what are your thoughts on the link?
I emailed them to ask if they use vege capsules or gelatin capsules and they replied so I am sure its a genuine site.
Now the question I have to ask is if you think its worth it to get them shipped down to Australia from US? They say I need to take 6 capsules in a day to prevent migraines which sounds silly to me.


I just had a quick look at the site Nabeel but had to stop reading as so many red flags were going off it was making my head spin. The claims of ‘I’m not a doctor but all by myself have discovered the cure for the incurable’, the warnings that ‘Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about this’ and the glowing testimonials… Sorry, but I think it’s a scam.


Here’s why you should run as fast as you can in the opposite direction:

– **discover a new breakthrough **
(instant red flag and over-used buzz word)

– **naturally reduce **
(the use of natural to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy)

quickly found themselves migraine free
(no such thing as being free of migraine “quickly”)

– **naturally build a defense **
(there’s that word again)

shock your system into reducing migraines
(shock? why don’t they just use electricity?)

–** no questions asked, money back guarantee **
(this is to insert the hook)

–** amazing formula **
(so amazing that we have not seen it reviewed in any peer-reviewed journals)

– **you’ll just have to live with it **
(to generate anger towards doctors and thus make you want to buy their natural product that “stupid” doctors wouldn’t have a clue about)

huge drug companies have unsuspecting doctors prescribing costly and dangerous drugs
(and there you have it, the final blow, and the final reason why you should delete the bookmark)

I think when you see it pulled apart like this, it’s obvious what’s going on.

Thanks for alerting everyone.

S 8)

You’d probably be better off getting the ingredients individually. There are just too many “Oh my god this is THEE answer” type statements on this page. I have seen this before, and thought about trying it, but it’s just too good to be true. And once they have your credit card number? Nah. Forget it.

Good point Kathleen,

Some of the ingredients are well known migraine preventatives that may help out:

vitamin B2

They’ve even thrown in some 5HTP to give you a jolt. Of course all of this can be purchased from a place like iHerb for a fraction of the price whereas this migraine group wants to soak you for $63.00 for a one month supply. Crazy. Don’t waste your money.


Thanks guy, I got your answers and obviously its a NO.

— Begin quote from “nabeel”

Thanks guy, I got your answers and obviously its a NO.

— End quote

No to the expensive miracle cure, but as Kathleen pointed out there are some actual active ingredients in the remedy with evidence in support of their effectivness in managing migraine - you can just get them a whole lot cheaper.

Just today got word from Doc, neuro recommends butterbur 50-75mg 2x a day, and/or feverfew 50-100mg 2x a day. Takes 4-6 weeks for results, if you are going to get them.

I used to take feverfew years ago when I had only aural migraines. If I remember correctly, it helped lessen the frequency.

So there you go! Guess we can all go to iHerb & make our own cocktail! :lol: