YAY! Has anyone tried any of the four below study therapies?:

  1. CGRP drugs: First CGRP migraine drug approved!!! I’m seeing if my anthem or medi-cal will cover it. I should be getting for a study on June 6th rimgepant 75mg max once a day as needed which is a cgrp for migraines so hopefully it helps with dizziness. F.D.A. Approves First Drug Designed to Prevent Migraines - The New York Times

  2. Rizatriptan or Maxalt: Dr. Baloh at UCLA and The Mayo Clinic are trying Rizatriptan for Dizziness flare-ups in Vestibular Migraine. They say 1/3 chance of getting placebo. I’m planning to drive or fly from Oakland, CA to LA if they approve me (and I’m not allowed access to CGRP drugs). Can’t hurt to see one of the best VM doctors (though I’ve already seen 7 neurologists at some of the top Clinics). Baloh’s study: Rizatriptan for Episodic Dizziness in Vestibular Migraine - Full Text View -

  3. Herbal Medication (Gongjin-dan) for Chronic Dizziness (composed of Cervi Parvum, Angelica Gigas Root, Cornus Fruit, Ginseng, Steamed Rehmannia Root, and Musk). They (Korean doctors) see chronic dizziness as liver-deficiency pattern (my Chinese herbalist says my problem is liver excess but the 3 things he’s tried haven’t worked). Study: Herbal Medication (Gongjin-dan) for Chronic Dizziness - Full Text View -

  4. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: wikipedia of it seems straightforward and helpful for dizziness (accept reactions/be present; choose valued direction; take action). Seems similar to CBT/DBT/MBSR which I’ve done with some benefit to mental health/limiting dizziness by limiting responses like stress. Study doing it: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy With Vestibular Rehabilitation for Chronic Dizziness - Full Text View -

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Triptans have no effect on me.

#4 is so important to me I’m submitting a potential wiki on it.

Feel free to edit and append to the current page on psychotherapy Emily

I’m going to pose it as an additional wiki, but then let you decide where/if to stick it somewhere.

We can link it off that page, fine

Ok. Thanks.

Triptans also don’t have an effect on me but I’ve never tried this one and I want to hope Dr. Baloh thinks this one will benefit patients if they don’t respond to other triptans.

Can you post the wiki/post for ACT here when you finish it? I’m going to apply ACT to my life from what I read of it as it’s similar to therapies I’ve done (and do not plan to do again unless need be).

I will.