Yet Another Alternative Treatment

Hi Guys,

I told a couple of you yesterday, and i was going to tell more of you this morning (Kim) about the next alternative treatment I’m hearing about. First let me tell you it’s name. Alfa PXP. It’s getting a lot of attention in the mid west because of an incredible cure which happpened in Stevens Point Wisconsin, a boy who needed a leg amputation, took this product and his leg healed. I’m from the mid west. the first I heard of it was a few months ago when a friend of mine asked me to check the science behind the claims and I said no - it’s one of these deals where if you sign on as a distributor you get to buy it at discount - i thought it was just a marketing ploy.

Last night she calls me, she’s off all of her meds, BP, triglycerides, cholesterol, thyroid, her weight is down from 300 to 140. Her friends are all taking it and i’ll save you the details except for the most interesting - a woman with MS has no MS anymore. The lesions in her brain are gone.

After my friend called me last night telling me of all the other neurologic illnesses it has cured (Parkinson’s, macular degeneration, neuropathies) i decided, of course, i need to try this, especially since, if it doesn’t work you get all your money back!

I wasn’t going to post anything on the forum until i found myself having good results. But then…i heard from my family this morning. They were so excited, they wanted to tell me about this product that my niece is taking (they are in Chicago and she has MAV). She is off her meds and is taking, guess what, Alfa PXP! So that’s good enough evidence for me to post to you guys. Yes, it cures MAV too.

I should have my product within a few days and i will keep you posted. My niece’s MAV was BAD but it was episodic, so it could take me longer to get well, as long as four months. My friend’s issues were cleared within a month.

I can give you some information about what is in the product and how it works, if you’re interested, but i’ll stop here for now.

But let me tell you what I found doing research on it last night:

Polysaccharide Peptides

Polysaccharide peptides are responsible for a growing number of tremendous health benefits, especially in cancer patients. A growing body of evidence supports crucial roles for glycans at various pathophysiological steps of tumor progression. Polysaccharide peptides regulate tumor proliferation, invasion, haematogenous metastasis, and angiogenesis. Increased understanding of these roles sets the stage for developing pharmaceutical agents that target cancers. Novel agents, such as polysaccharide peptides and glycans, might be used alone or in combination with operative and/or chemoradiation strategies for treating cancer. There are basically two types of glycans, alpha and beta. The potential benefits of polysaccharide peptides has prompted the government to provide the University of Oklahoma with a $34 million grant to expand the study.

I hope i don’t sound like a dupe. I was going to wait until I had good results, but my niece having GREAT results was good enough for me to post this.

Wish me luck with my latest MAV misadventure.


Well, i just jumped in with all four feet ( :?: ) THAT was a Dopamax moment!

I signed on as a distributor myself, so I can get the product at the cheapest rate. My niece would sell it to me at her rate, but she would then have to ship it to me. This saves the shipping fees.

That fee i won’t get refunded, but everything else I will, if I’m not totally cured of MAV.


I’m veeerrry sceptical of anything that’s a miracle cure, but what the heck… If it worked for her, AND it works for you, sign me up! :wink:

Yea, i shouldn’t have used the word miracle, right? it was just so unheard of, somebody who needed his leg amputated and somebody made him take this stuff and then he doesn’t need it amputated. It’s hard not to use the word miracle. so it’s not a miracle. I’ll go take that word out.

(Tran, you are always watching my back, thanks again, i ought to take you on as a consultant - pass by posts past you for inspection :slight_smile: )

— Begin quote from “Julie”

Yea, i shouldn’t have used the word miracle, right? it was just so unheard of, somebody who needed his leg amputated and somebody made him take this stuff and then he doesn’t need it amputated. It’s hard not to use the word miracle. so it’s not a miracle. I’ll go take that word out.

— End quote

Heh, I didn’t notice that you actually used the word, it just seemed like one of those things anyway. :wink:

— Begin quote from “Tranquillity”

— Begin quote from “Julie”

Heh, I didn’t notice that you actually used the word, it just seemed like one of those things anyway. :wink:

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You mean I slipped it by you :!: YES!!!



Miracle Shmiracle. Julie, we demand daily, no, make that HOURLY updates!!

Oh, did you read the fine print on the money back guarantee? Just wondering. If they put it in a small enough font, with our MAV stuff, we’d never be able to read that in order to get our money back we have to travel to Pakistan by way of Zimbabwe and arrive on a Tuesday and be wearing red shoes and a white neck scarf … AND remember the secret money-back-guarantee code phrase (which consists of 17 words which must be pronounced perfectly in Fulani) BEFORE we get the “exact” instructions on how to actually receive the money back.


That’s right, you were just the victim of an insurance scam.

I read the money back guarantee, it comes right from the person you purchased the product from, in this case, it would come from my niece. She would return what’s left of the product, along with my letter of explanation and the company would return all of the money to her. In any case, it’s her problem about getting the money from the company, not mine. That’s good enough for me.

Is that good enough for you, Joy?

boy I didn’t mean to start a controversy over this.

And i sure can’t give daily or even weekly updates. With my deep level of disease I’m told it will take a good 3-4 months for improvement.


P.S. miracle has nothing to do with it. the short story is: it’s just a food that’s been altered in a way so as to feed your body in a super-efficient way, leaving your individual cells to heal themselves. For some reason, it works. I know the woman, personally, who had MS and no longer does. I know my niece, who had MAV and no longer does. I know others because this is big in the midwest, where the boy in Stevens Point, Wisconsin was supposed to have his leg amputated, and didn’t after using this product. So the midwest is abuzz with it. This must have hit the newspapers, but i don’t know when, it could have been a year or more ago. I’m trying to get somebody out there to get me a copy.

RE money back … good enough: Yep! Sounds like you’re covered! :smiley:

RE controversy … nah … I just have too much time on my hands 8)

RE updates … well … okay … I guess I’ll have to settle for periodic reports. But if this turns out to be a miracle cure, don’t let us see you on Oprah before telling us all on the forum!

July, you know I’m just messin’ with ya, right?

So, if this stuff works, (how) can I get it? :?:

well, i guess i fear my enthusiasm over my niece got in the way of my usual better judgment of waiting until i myself had positive results with a treatment before posting.

yea joy, i saw the wink, i know you’re just being a pain in the As-. :wink:

i signed on as a distributor so from now on, i can get the cheapest price.

Tran, let me post something that explains more detail about what the product is and how it works, right now i’m in the middle of my business morning and need to get back to work.

Thanks for the question.


all i can say is good luck. I hope it helps. but be very careful. these products have not been offically tested or fda approved. I have tried some other brands of herbal/vitamins ect. And had some very bad side effects. I lost weight, and colestrerol ect. came down. but it started taking a toll on my liver and kidneys. so just be careful and stay in touch with your doctor with this. but i do wish you luck and I hope it really works… :slight_smile:

thanks for your concern. It is not a vitamin, mineral, supplement or herb.

It’s been used and studied for 15 years with no bad effects.