YIPES--Just having a difficult time --

Having a difficult time. Had bad migraine one morning and had to stay inside for three days and out a little bit fourth day and fifth day difficult feeling like uncomfortable --like I could be a missle to outer space. Whew.
Had some mild vertigo first two days that came and went – ick.
Had to cancel my appointments which made me feel very, very sad and upset.
Health professional suggests Topamax but read bad side effects.

Yet, when things calm down and I complete my activities planned, I am going to
try it. Someone said it can cause kidney stones? Is it worth it? If it could help me
to stay steady and ready and able to complete my planned activities, it would be worth

Read about “basilar migraine”. Now it is stated that migraine is completely neuro-
logical and basilar migraine is being disregarded as a type of migraine.

Or whatever.

It is tough having this. :frowning:

Sorry you are having a tough time of it. Maybe you could trial the drug.Before all this crap happened I rarely even took an aspirin,so I understand the fear of drug side effects. However not everyone gets them,they have to list any and all that happened when the drug was trialed.

The benefits can outweigh any possible side effects,it beats what you are dealing with now?

I am taking any and everything my docs are suggesting and I am getting some relief,don’t want to jinx myself but so far so good.I’m saying take the plunge.

I was talking to my sister the other day and asked her how many meds she was taking,she had to stop and count.She is a kidney transplant patient,from a disease not from any meds!

She said thank God for modern medicine or she wouldn’ t be doing what she is doing now ,which is leading a normal life.

I hope you feel better!

Thanks for reply. Yes, I will try the TOPAMAX and see what happens. We see so many ads for migraine meds and I wonder how many people can take successfully.? :?:

Hi Raven,

I just replied to your other message so I won’t repeat myself, but good luck with trying topamax. Remember that side effects are suffered by a few people and many people have none at all.

Hi Raven,
Although topamax did not help me, I had hardly any side effects (just very minor tingling in the beginning). And I went up to 175 mg at one point. It really is pretty well tolerated by most people.

Good luck,

[size=150]Hello MAVNY
Thanks for reply. How long did you try TOPAMAX? [/size]

Raven - I’ve been on topamax since December with very good results. I take a total of around 75 mg. daily and supplement with Advil and sinus meds as needed. I do watch my food, environmental, and stress triggers. I’m probably 85% functional on a good week, 70% on a bad one. Side effects tolerable.

Hi Raven,
I was on topamax for way too long as it did not help me. I don’t know the total time exactly but it was definitely over a year. I think I wanted it to work so badly because I found it relatively easy to tolerate that I kept upping the dosage in the hopes something would change for me. It seems that for most people if it is gonna work there is some sign, albeit small, at a low dose.

Best of luck and keep us posted!


[size=150]Thanks, everyone.
So far, I haven’t started Topa max. But will start very soon to give it a try with 1) migraine 2) vertigo.

i too read about all the side effects and almost did not take topamax- so glad i tried it. it is fine! start small! i cut the 25mg pill in half and upped it each week. i am know at 100mg and it definitely has helped keep the migraines away although i am 24/7 dizzy. i think i have some inner-ear issues going on but don’t let all of the side effects scare you- just try it for yourself! what if it could work?

[size=150]Thanks for the tip.
I am going to begin with 25 and then titrate upwards to only 50mg at night.
Glad to hear you are getting some help from it.