Yoga or tai chi?

So I’ve basically decided that my worst symptom is my balance/equilibrium. Its constant but varies based on different “triggers” anxiety being a big one I think. I really need to add some kind of activity into my life because I’ve been avoiding it the last 9 months. And I wanna do something that will help my balance, I’m just wondering what would be best. Does anybody have any suggestions or positive experience with this??

I’d say tai chi for what you’re seeking, having done both. G’luck.

I have been told tai chi as well and having done both, i agree…

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i totally enjoyed yoga before this mess started and tried it afterwards and felt horrible! i nearly fell over and felt dizzier. i think you should try it though and good luck!

Definitely try yoga. The key I think is to take it slowly and to find a class that is at the appropriate level of vigor for you. I did yoga before I got the dizzies, and I have taken it up again in the past few months. It was tough at first (mentally too because I felt inadequate compared to my level of fitness and skill prior to MAV). But I really think it helps me as long as I don’t tax myself TOO much–I stick to the somewhat more gentle yoga practices rather than the 90 minute power yoga class I did before MAV hit. Good luck!

I agree, try the yoga. I do half hour sessions at home. But I started out taking yoga at the hospital where I work. This was good because I learned in person the proper moves and breathing. Now I can do it at home. Give it a try, I also lost weight and I am actually continuing to lose some more I hope. Good Luck!


My neuro recommends tai chi, as he reckons the flowing aspect of the movement is more beneficial for equilibrium issues

I don’t have any to suggest, but I’m sure you can find 'em. How you do it is at least as important as the moves themselves, I believe, so if you can find a teacher/class I think you’ll be better off than if you start with video alone. This said, I don’t know your situation, so please don’t think I’m presenting this as an absolute requirement.

I found I had to change my yoga routine. I just couldn’t do some of the poses, way too off balance. So I did a little tweaking of a very basic routine, kept the poses in order, and it helped alot. I used a tape (yes it’s old) called Basic Yoga for Dummies.

Having said that, however, I am really interested in learning Tai Chi. Would love a dvd for beginners, have some on my Amazon wish list right now. It really looks like the kind of exercise we need with this condition, and also I have heard of some phenomenal healings of other conditions. Our minds have an awful lot of control over our bodies and our health.

If anybody knows of a good dvd, please share!


Very informative comment. It’s that what makes Tai Chi so much more demanding on my struggling brain.

Been reading more recently about Tai Chi theory. The piece in question was recommending repeating each form five times which I found very interesting because I remember VRT telling me that from a compensation viewpoint the brain ignores say reoetitive movement of less than five repetitions. One lucky coincidence maybe.

The most recent GP I saw told me to ‘keeping challenging your balance’ and actually recommended Tai Chi. My cynical side says a cheap and easy option. Doesn’t cost the NHS a penny Certainly not this side of any resultant broken limbs that is. However on this last occasion I felt he genuinely meant what he says. I never could have believed the young physiotherapist I saw for ‘imbalance’ long before chronicity set in and I gota diagnosis. She also recommended Tai Chi only to turn around to me as I was leaving and asking me ‘exactly what it is? I have no idea’

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