You are amazing! 💜

I just wanted to tell you, each and every one of you are amazing! This illness can strip a person of so many things, it did for me.
None of you “know” me , but let me tell you that I am the strong one in the family. The one everyone can come to for help, advice, strength or just a pick-me-up. When MAV struck, I felt as if it took all of that from me, I was weak, I am the one who needed help! I didn’t know if “life” could ever return to me.
I just wanted to tell you (yes YOU) that you are an amazing fighter and life absolutely CAN be good again.:raised_hands:t2: If I can do it, you can do it! Keep your eye on the prize and keep fighting for the day that you smile more than frown, laugh more than cry and can confidently look forward to another day. :purple_heart:


You are such an inspiration!!! :heart: Definitely needed this reminder today! Thanks lovely :two_hearts:


Reneè what a lovely post! :two_hearts::heart_eyes:

I feel like I owe a lot to you and some of the people on this forum who have helped and encouraged me through the really tough days! If only I had found this site sooner when I have had the most terrible relapses as I know I could have found comfort in you guys!

I hope you continue to do well and I will always keep in touch you are a very special lady, a very wondeful friend! I am so grateful to have found such lovely people who understand! :two_hearts::two_hearts::grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Stay well lovely! XoXoXo​:star_struck::star_struck:

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What a wonderfully inspiring post, Renee, - especially for those just starting out on this rocky road! Proof that ‘we can overcome’, no matter what the obstacles life puts in our paths!!
I hope the future brings you more sunshine than rain and that you continue to bring hope and support to those around you (including on this forum)! Thank you!!:rose::sunflower::rainbow:

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Thank you for your lovely post Renée! I’m still so dizzy but reading about other people’s recovery on here gives me the strength to keep hopeful and active. As I go through my daily life I struggle but also know I’m not alone, that the other people on this forum, somewhere on this planet, are doing the same things as me, trying to have as normal a life as possible with their balance system offline. I’m so grateful for this place to share. I genuinely think that MAV, although it destroys much in our lives, also gives us something precious- it brings out our empathic, kindest side, it teaches us things about suffering and the preciousness of life that we can hopefully carry forward to live as good a life as possible. Thank you all lovely people :heartbeat:


I’m pleased you’ve found so many positives despite your continued dizziness. I don’t do social media and just came on here because I thought after so many years of MAV I may as well use my own experience to some advantage rather than feel it had been a total waste of time. Glad you have found the support so useful and you enjoy the positive posts. You would have had another from me only today if only the computer gods out there in the ether hadn’t chosen to wipe my lengthy diary update post which had taken the best part of an hour to compose just before I pressed the Reply button because I popped to the top to correct a typo. The whole lot - about three pages A4 - just disappeared before my very eyes. This forum is a good system. Never had any problem before but the Save/Draft facility just doesn’t so, folks, be warned. Knowing how people love positive posts and as I’ve come on in leaps n bounds, almost literally lately, I did try to produce another one so now to put it politely, I’m rather vexed. Helen


That’s so lovely x

Yes, I am going through a hard time right now, but when i read the stories of some of the people on here it makes me think that i will make it. a lot of ups and downs, but i will make it.