Your beta blocker side effects?

In short: what side effects have you experienced from beta blockers (and what med at what dose)? To not give you ideas or anything ( :mrgreen: ) I’ll keep quiet about mine until after a few answers or so.

I have tried 2 beta blockers, but have not gotten to a high dose on either. First, Propanolol, but only took 20mg. I actually had 2 episodes of brief spinning vertigo which I never suffered before. I attributed it to the Propanolol, but I could be wrong. I tried Nadolol 20mg as well, but my pulse and BP dropped and my doctor didn’t want me to raise the dose because of that, so I was never able to give either a full trial. Perhaps on them I felt a bit more lightheaded than usual.
Tranquility - I forget. have you been on meds yet?

I’m on way too many meds, but only one (amitriptyline) was added for MAV specifically. (I previously tried Lyrica but quit within a week.)
The meds I’m on now makes adding preventatives hard if not impossible so I need to get off them first, which is FAR from easy as I very easily get withdrawal symptoms - not exactly what I need when I’m already feeling as bad as I am.

has any medication helped? I’m sorry you are going through a rough time. so am I. actually, I’ve been going through a rough 2 years with this, and can’t wait to get my life back. we’ll get there

I am on quite a high dose of Propranolol (240mg) as it eases my nausea a lot. I haven’t ever suffered any adverse effects, in fact the only effects I have suffered have been positive, it really eased my anxiety. I tried to go to 360mg however, and I couldn’t tolerate the fatigue.

I did read that it has been suggested that taking beta blockers cause fatigue because they reduce the natural levels of Co-Enzyme Q10 in the body and that taking a CoEnzyme Q10 supplement helps combat this side effect. I certainly that it did help, whether that actual theory is correct or not!


Propanalol helped me a bit but not enough and I couldnt get above 40 mg a day or I got loose bowels and really bad insomnia