Youtube videos from Dr. with Meniere's Disease

Hey everyone! I don’t personally have Meniere’s but wanted to share this with everyone because I know some of you guys do have it. This is an internal medicine doctor who has Meniere’s. He has made a series of videos describing Menieres, treatment, what he does when he has an attack, etc. Just thought it could be helpful for some. Here’s the link to his youtube channel:

Poor bugger, he’s really having a bad time. I wonder though if MAV can hit in the exact same way for some here. I know a girl here in Bondi who describes her attacks in the exact same way. Guess what stopped all of it for her? 10 mg of Lexapro. POOF, gone after years of misery.

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thanks 4 posting that…very similar to my own dizzy spells. makes me wonder if they gave me the correct diagnoises… :shock:

As with everything I read in the past, when they first diagnosed me with menieres then said I didnt have it, but migraine, then said I had endolymphatic hydrops, very depressing. Everything I ever read on menieres was depressing. I still havent got a clue whether I have it or not, I know I definitely have migraine and that my bad vertigo is connected with the migraine. I also know both can go together. All I know is the problem I have had in one ear for 30 years has not gone to the other ear, although my tinnitus does seem increased. Also, the slight hearing loss I had in that ear has not got worse. My brother has just been ill with dizziness and the dr. said labrynthitus, I asked him if he had a bad head and he said yes, I told him to take some painkillers along with the stemetil, which he did. A day later he felt better, he says he thinks it was migraine vertigo.
I was walking down town the other day and got dizzier and dizzier (no head pain at all), so I took half a painkiller, the dizziness went. So I guess it all gets a bit complicated. I still feel, try the preventatives (or my case, small amount of painkiller) see if you get a result and go in that direction.


I was temporarily diagnosed with multiple things when my dizziness first started. First it was the sinus node (?) on my heart due to my EKG abnormality. Then all the heart monitors showed otherwise. Next, a neurologist thought it was seizures due to an abnormal EEG. Then a 48 hour seizure monitor (which was lots of fun to wear by the way) determined that there were no seizures happening during my dizziness. Then another doctor told me it could just be an irregular heartbeat and he wanted to put me on a beta blocker for it, which I refused mainly because he sounded like a complete moron in general. Finally I received my MAV diagnosis from a neuro-otologist and was very skeptical. It just felt like it had to be something more serious because of how it felt. I think the only reason I accept it now is due to my brother and sister also starting to ahve the same symptoms just recently. Brother started with the actual migraines and nausea and then it morphed into 24/7 dizziness. The first doctor he saw about a month ago diagnosed him with MAV. He’s in Los Angeles and I guess went to a doctor who had actually heard of MAV. Sister started with the dizzies and nausea and now has headaches that occur every now and then. My mom apparently gave this to us. Thanks Mom! She has always had horrible migraines just not the dizziness like my siblings and I have.

No matter what your diagnosis I hope that you find something that makes you feel better. :slight_smile: