Zinc as a solution

Loads of posters seem to take Zinc supplements if you apply a Search but always it seems as one supplement amongst many which is as expected. Was therefore bit surprised to come across the above.

POLL: What supplements have helped you?

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My aunt had debilitating chronic migraine for decades and says that since she started supplementing with zinc 2 years ago, she hasn’t had a single headache. I doubt the zinc is the only reason for this, as her migraines went away around the same time as menopause. Personally, electrolyte drinks have sent me to the ER twice with bad vertigo, so I’m wary of trying any new supplements.

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Oh, me too. I’m certainly not intending on trialling Zinc myself. I’ve already had adverse reaction to Calcium, B2, D3 and most recently Magnesium Glycinate which incidentally gave he some if my worst ever vertigo ever as yet.

Agree entirely with what you say about your Aunt. Lots of migraineur do just lose their attacks at menopause lucky devils.