Zofran help other with nausea or make any worse?

My neurologist gave me a script for Zofran several months ago to treat nausea, but I’ve not yet taken it. I just use meclizine and sometimes promethazine instead (as the nausea usually comes as motion-sickness).

I believe Zofran is an SSRI drug, and I’ve tried two migraine preventatives that have SSRI effects (Zoloft and Amitriptyline) and had a bad time with them. So, I’m very reluctant to ever turn to the Zofran for nausea relief for fear it will only make it worse.

I was curious if it has helped relieve nausea in others or had any negative side effects. I know I’ll only find out how I react to it by trying it, but I still like to hear of others’ experiences with it.

Also, I’ve heard many say it’s very expensive and that their insurance wouldn’t pay for much of it. Even my Dr., when I asked about side effects, told me it’s a very expensive drug and a good one. However, I got a script for 30 for just US $8 dollars. I got the generic – Ondansetron. Is it usually very expensive? The most expensize migraine drug I’ve had has been Zomig – US $23/pill.


Zofran/ondansetron is actually anti-serotonergic, so it’s very much unlike SSRIs. More specifically, it’s a receptor subtype 3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ondansetron, i.e. it blocks the action of serotonin at certain receptors.

I’d be very glad to hear of others’ experiences with this drug. (I don’t have any, at least not yet.)

Edit: The non-generic is pretty expensive, yes. Converted to USD, they are about $5 a pill (8 mg) over here. The generics are much cheaper, of course, only that there is no generic orally disintegrating tablet yet (those are $14 a pop).