Zoloft and other AD's


Can anyone tell me how long it has taken them to get back to baseline after dropping an AD? I was only able to take Zoloft for a short time before it felt like there were electric impulses going through me and I was having large “jumps” in my extremities.

Guess meds are not going to help me. I have tried many but not many AD’s.

Thank you.

Hi Sally. I’m not sure how long you were on Zoloft but I was on Effexor for 2 weeks taking 18.75 mg. I had to drop it after having insomnia for 2 straight weeks and a fast heart rate. I went cold turkey. No weaning & I had no problems at all. I was worried after reading all the horror stories but for me it wasn’t bad. (I was only on it for 2 weeks though at a very low dose) I just started Zoloft a few days ago & I’m waiting to see what happens.

Oh I forgot to mention my insomnia & fast heart rate cleared up within about 2 days of stopping it.

Thank you. I have been off the Zoloft for almost two weeks. I was nauseous on it and nauseous off of it. My rocking is worse. I’m sure it works for some but I guess I’m not one of those.

My brain is tired of going on and off meds. My goal is to go for a few months without anything. Wish me luck.

Hi Sally,
Have you ever tried Verapamil and if so, what was your experience with that with regards to the rocking?

Yes, Lisa I did without success. It made me worse. Frankly, I have not found anything to be helpful. Wish I could tell you something more hopeful but it has been over 5 years with no relief. The feeling of movement in bed at night is disconcerting. Most med’s make me feel like I have electrical impulses going through me. The tri-cyclics help with head pain but make the movement worse. Sometimes I take them just to be rid of the headache.