Zoloft anyone?

Hello All,

I see that there is a lot a new members on the forum, and I wanted to ask you if you have tried Zoloft for MAV? If so what was your result?
I’m currently on 40 mg of Celexa and it’s only helping me 50%. I’m planning at some point in the near future switching to Zoloft, but I haven’t dared too yet…
Love some feedback…


HI Emma
Can you tell me what your symtoms are that Celexa is not helping with?
ps I haven’t tried Zoloft…I know Adam is on it and it has been a good one. Hopefully you get some good feedback.

I’ve been on it, but had no success with it and stopped.

Hi I tried both these meds years ago when my drs thought I was having anxiety. Really I had menieres and probably silent migraines. I am very med sensitive and could not stay on either med.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for responding. Kelly I still feel off balance, and have a tilting sensation, and I still get migraines but it’s 50% less severe. I have more energy, but I when I’m tired it get worse, and when I’m in a dark room too it gets worse…It’s hard to keep my balance when standing…
I don’t feel it in the car though…


Hi I am just curious. When you said you were off balance and felt like you were tiliting that has happened to me for years now. My question is when you feel like you are tilting is it always in the same direction? My tiliting has always been the same exact feeling for years. I feel like I am tilting forward and to the right side alittle and I am going to topple over. Thanks

Hi Dizzy Women,

I feel that everything is tilting to the left, and it’s been like that for two years now…I hate it…the only med that made it a little better was Effexor, but the side effects where to hard to bare so I had to stop taking it. What are you taking at then moment?



Hi emmasaga,

I’ve been diagnosed with Menieres for years. Today I was also diagnosed with silent migraines.

My neurologist had me try Effexor but I had a severe reaction to it.

I am on Neurontin now. It was 300mg, 3 times a day but the Dr is slowly increasing it over the next 3 weeks to 1800 mg a day. Nothing has helped with this tilting feeling yet. I have an awful time standing in one spot for too long. I never even knew their was anything that could treat it so I’m hoping with the increase in meds that it will help the tiliting feeling. I will be sure to let you know. Thanks for the reply.

Hi Butterfly,

How are you feeling these days???Did the meds help??


Hi Emma ,
I’ve tried zoloft, it’s helped, in fact the first time I tried it , I went into remission.
Reason I stopped using it was insomnia.
The energy it gave me during the day was great.