Zoloft anyone?

Hello. I was diagnosed with a migraine variant last year. I do not get headaches, but do get visual disturbances and dizziness, sick feelings when looking at moving objects, even walking. Looking up with my eyes and supermarkets are big triggers.

I tried nortryptyline last year and could not get above 20mg. The symptoms improved slightly but they made me very irritable and short tempered. So I discontinued.

Trying Zoloft (sertraline) now as I also suffer from depression. I’ve been on 25mg for 1 week and definitely feel worse. Much more dizzy.

Wondered if anyone had any success on this drug and if you remember feeling worse at first.

Thanks you

Anyone ?


The other administrator Adam uses Zoloft to control his VM. Works well for him after trialling numerous other drugs.

Stick with it a while. :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,

Do you know if Adam has any trouble with walking or balance? If he does, does zoloft help him with that? Sorry I would ask him myself but not sure if he is active on the site?

Adam has really nasty VM and has had it since he was a teenager. When he’s untreated he gets full on rotational vertigo, vomiting, the really bad stuff.

He still gets blips here and there but is overall very well and holds down a high stress full time job without much hassle on Z.

that’s great it works well for him! Yes I have seen some of his older posts, it sounds like he has tried a ton of meds, and that actually a lot of them worked for him? He talks a lot about not being able to tolerate most of them but not what the side effects are. I would love to ask him about his med experiences but does he check the board anymore- I never see him post?

I’ll point him to this post. He is pretty busy with job and family so doesn’t have much time to post at the moment.

Yup, he has been through tons of meds – some worked well but with side effects he hated (such as pizotifen and the tiredness).

cool, thanks scott! wow it sounds like he has a very full life which is great!

I apologize if I asked you this before, but did you have balance issues with your MAV? Does paxil help with them?

Hi Sarah,

I’m okay with walking and balance generally, but when I was unwell with VM I experienced the rocking sensation, nausea and lots of generally unpleasant sensations of movement and motion intolerance.

I don’t even remember how long I’ve been on 50mg of Zoloft now, but it must be at least a few years.

I get almost no side effects from it but my weight has increased - Zoloft may be a factor in that.

It’s timely that you posted this actually, I think I’ve just relapsed. I’ve had three episodes of “room spinning” vertigo lasting days recently with vomiting and ataxia.
Since then I’m back in the same boat I used to be.

Just today I’ve increased my Zoloft dose to 75mg to see if that might help get things under control again.
I can’t recall how long it took for 50mg to start taking effect unfortunately, but I think it was pretty quick.


OMG, it’s a rare sighting of Adam! With the passage of time you are becoming like the historical Jesus: you have a growing number of followers (forum members) who benefit greatly from your teachings, but a decreasing number of people who’ve met you, even on line.

But frivolously digress. Very sorry for your relapse. Really hope the extra Zoloft helps.

And a heartfelt THANK YOU for being one of the founders of this forum. It helps so many people.


Ugh Adam I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well, I really hope the extra zoloft does the trick! And thank you again for helping with this fantastic site!!!

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Hi Adam, Didn’t want to miss an opportunity to thank you for this brilliant forum & your help getting me started when my ‘brain fog’ was so severe I couldn’t even work out how to log on! It’s been a total lifesaver for me. Not good that you’ve now had a bad relapse after years of good health. I hope you can get on top of it quickly - the room spinning is awful!