Been on Zonegran for three days now; really hoping it helps. Anybody out there have any experience with this med? Nicole

Sure have. Been on it multiple times, this last time now for nearly a year and half (still currently taking it). The typical disclaimer of “your mileage may vary” applies to pretty much any treatment, but for me, titrating up was HARD on me (as it was for other anticonvulsants) but in the end ended up being the most effective med trialed to date (not sure if that’s saying much with me, hah). I had lots of increased vertigo for the first week or so on each dose increase, and the nausea lasted a good 4+ months (which is why I gave up on it the first few tries), but no med is perfect. Zonegran is often touted as a “sister drug” or cousin to Topamax, and the same potential SE’s tend to apply (though Zonegran does not have the same black box warning about glaucoma). I have been on Topamax too - I found the tinglies and nausea to be far worse on Topamax, and the cognitive issues far worse on Zonegran. Really though, it’s just going to be a “wait and see” type deal unless you have a serious reaction to it.

What dose are you starting on?

Hi Nwilke and DFL,
I too am taking Zonegran currently 150mg.
DFL, I am finding as I go up in 50mg increments I’m getting the worst sore throat, I can barely swallow. Also a bi increase in headaches. I had very few headaches at 100mg, now lots at 150mg?? I, as you can imagine, want go back down. Did you get this side effect and did the side effects fade? My neurologist wants me at 200mg.