5G coming your way...

It won’t be long before telephone companies make 5G the new big thing. Ostensibly to create faster downloads (for gamers and those who want to download a film in a second), but in reality, to be able to charge consumers more money so the top of the pyramid is further fueled by avarice.
Social commentary aside, 5G in my opinion will inevitably destabilize MAV sufferers… people who are so sensitive already to variant vicissitudes of things suce as malls and CFL bulbs, 5G will probably have a devastating effect on MAVers.
There’s nothing any of us can do to halt this “progress”, and most ‘normal’ people will be immune to it because they don’t suffer like MAVers. But I see 5G towers going up all over the place. They will have a deleterious effect on birds and bees and their vestibular homing apparatus, as well as other sensitive creatures.
I predict a dreadful nightmare and exacerbation of symptoms because of this.
See Youtube and Google for the effects of this unnecessary and harmful advancement.

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harmful i agree. unnecessary is debatable :slight_smile:

Blimey let’s hope not

Do harmful but necessary?

Higher data speeds is propelled by consumer usage. People always want bigger, faster, cheaper in next generation of anything! Dont get me wrong I am not saying we need this, i am just stating the status quo.


No worries! Just suit up :grinning::

In case you haven’t figured it out from some of my posts, I happen to be an electrical engineer…

And yes, 5G has me a bit worried about exposure, there will be antennas everywhere and at ground level.


From Erik’s link


RF Shielding for Your Mind
We need one for ever MAVerick

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Just … wow! :smile:

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I like the upper body shield. Chainmail for the win!


Now that is concerning cos I’ve wondered about antennae/masts (what’s the difference, Erik - my closest neighbour is a mobile phone mast) and it was you told me it wouldn’t influence MAV now it seems it’s all change? Helen

Including MAVers no doubt,

And @GetBetter’s right.

Fetch me a soapbox somebody. I really feel I must rant. Why does the human race assume it has a a monopoly over the environment? Makes me savage. I was hearing only yesterday about huge LED outdoor lights being installed to facilitate ‘night cricket’ in a town centre very close to two churches over which these huge lights will tower altering the skyline for miles. All these enthusiasts so excited with it. What about light ingress (they expect migraineurs to live uncomfortably with these new ‘weird’ light bulbs then this!. Totally unnecessary junk). What about the poor local bat population. What about shift workers, hospital staff living nearby who might want to sleep. All for a game of cricket. People pay lip service to environmental issues yet quarterful planes go on flying and some huge countries continue to pollute with impunity. I read somewhere if the whole of the UK cut its light ingress back to Victorian levels, a very few half empty planes flying would negate such improvement in a couple of days. Since then I’d fight anybody making me change a single light bulb. I’ve already had to install blackout curtains to avoid somebody else’s security lights. Is there any hope for The World. I’d better read another to;ic before my BP goes through the roof! Helen


Whether we like it or not, it’s coming. Those clothes suggestions above are basically a tin foil hat but all over the body!

The world is knackered.

Yes, extremely concerning. At a trial run in Sheffield lots of birds were killed as the system disorientated them. The eco system of birds and bees incorporates the butterfly effect and of they are troubled and dying it WILL effect us.

I know this is a positive support board, but please don’t post things like this. It does nothing to help and will almost assuredly cause anxiety for people that already suffer from enough anxiety and stress.

5G will not affect MAV sufferers in any way. It is no different than 4G, it is simply on a different spectrum using shorter radio waves. If we’re not already messed up by wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, and other radio waves, then the chances that 5G affects us are very marginal.

Finally, I’d like to point you to the iBurst tower case: Massive revelation in iBurst tower battle

Residents complained about feeling symptomatic from the tower in their local area. They claimed they had symptoms ranging from dizziness, rashes, and headaches that would clear up when they were not near the tower. In the end it turns out the tower had been switched off for 6 weeks, but the residents were complaining about the symptoms regardless


Who are you to tell me what to post and what not to post? Do you own this site? And how do you know that 5g won’t cause symptoms to mav people? May be best you keep your opinions to yourself because your baloney might just cause misinformation. 5g will cause unprecedented disaster in the natural world and anyone with sensitive vestibular systems etc will obviously suffer. It only takes florescent lighting to set some people off. WTF

I have 5 years experience working in the tower industry (but do not worry I am not an industry shill, I am simply a MAV sufferer) and I currently work in the RFID industry. I have been involved in several planning meetings and information sessions for the roll-out of the new technology. Rest assured that it has been extensively tested and already exists in some major US cities.

What your are stating is an opinion that "Oh noes 5G bad!!!'. Above I provided evidence that was submitted in a legal suit against a South African tower company that symptoms from towers can be psychosomatic.

All I am saying is that making hysterical statements like you are doing is not conducive to a good environment on this board. It will cause additional anxiety for people that are already suffering from anxiety. I do not own this site, I am simply someone who is informed about this issue and is offering an educated counterpoint to your misguided statements.


Sorry, yes I think @BHMaloney is mostly right, it’s not worth being too anxious about. I still believe food, stress, flourescents, etc. will remain the dominate MAV triggers. Cell phone radiation in general isn’t powerful enough to penetrate into the brain when the antenna is >1m away. The largest penetration you get is when you put your ear up to your cell phone and call someone. If it was a MAV trigger, that simple action should put you over the edge - not a cell phone tower nearby! Does anyone on here get a MAV episode the minute they try to call someone on the cell phone?! I rest my case…

I disagree with that statement though. I need to clarify my actual concern is not MAV, but about long term exposure, which isn’t easy to study and I definitely do not trust that they have a handle on it. I see enough data now to discourage women from storing their cell phone in their bra all day long. That is not something that was studied by the “experts” before the roll out of 1G-4G. And apparently for men, keeping the phone in the pocket all day long has a measurable effect on sperm count.

I’m torn really about this post, yes MAV people from anxiety, but cell phone radiation exposure may not completely turn out to be so innocuous in the long term. There are a couple useful tips to protect yourself from long term exposure that have basically no impact to your life:

  1. Get a hands free headset for your cell phone
  2. Keep your cell phone away from your body as much as you can (but don’t obsess about it)

I provided the clothing link mostly in jest. I hope it came across as that, :grinning:

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I agree with everything you said above. Your arguments are the type of common sense approach that someone should take when it comes to these sort of things.

I am not approaching this from a “cell phone towers are great and pose absolutely zero risk” - they may pose some limited health risks, but these types of scares come up during every upgrade in technology (from 2G>3G and upwards) and nothing ever comes of them.

The reality is that radio and microwave technology has been in existence for decades now, and it has been shown that non-ionizing radiation does not have severe long-term health consequences. Some may claim it causes cancer, but people also claim bacon causes cancer and I don’t see people taking to the streets about bacon.

If you actually are concerned, your two tips are pretty much all you need to do if you’re afraid of cell phone radiation. When it comes to MAV, you’re 100% correct that there are many other things to be worried about.

The testing I was referring to is internal testing that we did at the company I worked for. 5G poses a unique set of challenges because the frequency is so high it has trouble penetrating everyday objects, so we had to ensure that it could function properly with limited health risk in concentrated population areas as the technology will have to be deployed as small cells and not on macro towers.