Hi all. First time writing in here :slight_smile: Little back story…I was diagnosed with MAV in 2013. Took a few years to find the right medication but I have been on and off nortriptyline since 2015. It has really helped me. This February I started to get more dizzy than usual so increased from 10mg to 20mg. It took about 5 weeks for my body to adjust and the side effects were rough. Very dizzy most days. I am med sensitive, so I expected that. I got back to baseline by beginning of April so April was good and mid-May I decided after 15 years I wanted to go off birth control (I am 35 and God forbid I want to have kids one day). In case my body freaked out about the drop of estrogen I increased nort to 30mg. It is now week 6 and I am still not back at baseline. I was hoping I would start to feel better by now. Do you think it is a mix of upping nort and going off birth control? I haven’t had any other side effects of the birth control. Just have to keep reminding myself how med sensitive I am!