Hi all. First time writing in here :slight_smile: Little back story…I was diagnosed with MAV in 2013. Took a few years to find the right medication but I have been on and off nortriptyline since 2015. It has really helped me. This February I started to get more dizzy than usual so increased from 10mg to 20mg. It took about 5 weeks for my body to adjust and the side effects were rough. Very dizzy most days. I am med sensitive, so I expected that. I got back to baseline by beginning of April so April was good and mid-May I decided after 15 years I wanted to go off birth control (I am 35 and God forbid I want to have kids one day). In case my body freaked out about the drop of estrogen I increased nort to 30mg. It is now week 6 and I am still not back at baseline. I was hoping I would start to feel better by now. Do you think it is a mix of upping nort and going off birth control? I haven’t had any other side effects of the birth control. Just have to keep reminding myself how med sensitive I am!

Welcome @LAgirl88, apologies that you didn’t get a hello til now … it’s been a bit quiet on the board in recent past but things are heating up again!

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Welcome to the forum @LAgirl88! You’ll find that everyone here is really friendly and eager to help. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to read the Welcome Topic here and the posting guidelines here. These should provide you with a good foundation for participating in the community.

Regarding your situation with MAV, medication adjustments, and birth control, I’ve searched the forum for relevant discussions which you may find helpful:

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It’s also a good idea to continue discussing these changes and symptoms with your healthcare provider since personal medication sensitivity and hormonal changes can be complex and unique to the individual.

Feel free to ask more questions or seek support anytime!