Anyone finding the balance and dizziness generally improving

… (with occasional ups and downs) … but the tinnitus getting worse?!

The tinnitus is driving me CRAZY every few hours!


/Rant over

(sure I know the key to dealing with it is to find meaningful distraction but sometimes it gets ridiculous!)


Hi James,

I think I am improving overall, as I do not feel off balance or dizzy 24/7 anymore. I can sleep in any position too. Yay!

But the annoying bit now is soon as I do too much symptoms come back, like the head pressure. I managed to induce a major nasty vertigo attack lasting several hours last month after really testing it by doing a whole load of very intense gardening all week long! Too much bending down! However I did not suffer any of the subsequent long lasting symptoms, thanks to the meds.

Still got tinnitus too, though sometimes it gets quieter and does tune down quite a bit when I’m on my own at home, occasionally it completely goes. But it’s definitely exacerbated by noisier environments and then my hearing is muffled/reduced too.

Very pleased to hear you are doing better … the hearing impact is just yuck and annoying. I hope you get to enjoy your gardening again, try one of these knee pads?

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I think you might be right, James - concentrating on doing something you enjoy does seem to quiet the tinnitus…unfortunately your interests of singing and playing instruments kind make that sort of difficult! Maybe you need to find an ‘interim’ hobby!!!
Although my tinnutus is pretty much constant, perhaps it is not generally as bad as yours, as I can often ignore it, although it does fluctuate for reasons I cannot fathom!!!
Although I am mostly better…a drop in the barometer can still give me a spin and that nasty sick/just ‘off’’ feeling :unamused:

Hey Beth, good to hear from you. Yes I’ve got a few and actually hearing did get a little better recently so who knows what the future holds. Sorry to hear you are still getting the spins and feeling off - are you still on medication?

Thanks James. I know that I’ve been scarce of late…and just knew that I should’nt claim to be better!!! As punishment for my self satisfaction - yesterday presented me with 2 mini earthquakes! Damn! In all honesty, I have been 99% better since around the end of April .Despite being literally terrified of unwanted consequences, I had a fabulous 10 day break at the end of May/beginning June, during which time I felt absolutely normal!! Trip included a 10 hour road trip each way in a strange car, a lot more driving around once there, coffee, wine, beer (although in moderation). I don’t know if it is significant that I went inland - to a higher altitude?
Once home, I returned to 99% good - just ‘aware’ of not being totally O.K. The last month has seen our temperatures doing those huge fluctuations again - and about 2 weeks ago I had a couple of mini earthquakes on one day…preceded (hindsight being 20/20 vision!!) by a couple of days of depression…which is unusual for me! This past week has also issued it’s warnings, I suppose…upset tummy, agitation, stiff neck, cold sore…maybe connected - maybe not? Something else I noticed and will try to do a little research on…( Computers not all that friendy at present…) …I wear a copper bracelet which is normally shiney bright…and from Tuesday it has gone dark and dull - almost tarnished. I have noticed these changes before, but never taken much notice…wondering now if it perhaps indicates some sort of chemical change in the body???
The ‘good’(???_ thing about thee flare ups being isolated is that it gives a better chance to analyze what has happened/eaten/done in the preceding days. Unfortunately, I can identify nothing out of the ordinary except the changes in weather pressure!! SO! I have come to the conclusion (definition of a conclusion: “the place where you are tired of thinking!!”) that whatever caused my problems is something that is partially blocked or gets inflamed causing some sort of inability to drain/move freely. Maybe damage from the Meniere’s?? Maybe scar tissue from the surgery way back then???
Sorry, did’nt mean to hi-jack your post, James!:blush: I’ve been meaning to put all this down for a while…You asked about meds - I have never been on ‘actual’ meds…still continue with the supplements, but had stopped the feverfew ( as i really believe that the slight headaches I get are a result of the dizziness - not the other way around…) However - re-started that yesterday - just in case! So far to-day, just that sort of heaviness behind they eyes, so here’s hoping that with the weather forecast fairly stable for the rest of the w/end, things will settle down! Going to get on with some nice calming, all consuming glass work now!! :innocent:
I hope your hearing continues to improve and the tinnitus diminishes!!

Oh, np, hijack away Beth, its good to hear you’ve been having some really good days, but sorry to hear about the relapse. Goodness knows what might be causing that … let us know if you become any wiser.

Yeah, hearing is getting slightly better, but the good news is for time being vertigo and dizziness are completely under control. I’m still on Ami mind you …

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I am improving every day, thanks to AMI, magnesium, cefaly, transcranial magnetic stimulation, my doctor and God. This week i also fixed my eyes with a Lasik surgery. My brain didn´t like the changes when i wore glasses. I hope it helps too. We all are going to get better, its a matter of time.




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