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But you don't look sick ... The spoon theory

And the last one Lisa asked me to post. A very creative way to explain this invisible illness. As I write this now at 10.20 PM, I am definitely out of spoons.

Time for bed and new spoons. S :slight_smile:

spoon_theory.pdf (82.8 KB)

Thanks Scott,
I forwarded to the very few of my friends that went through my hardest days with me, and to my family. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been there will truly understand, but it gives a little insight.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for posting Scott. I have to get high tech like you so I can figure out to do this on my own…lol. Sorry for all the extra work.

This article touched me in such a way and I hope you will all read and share with your loved one. I think it will greatly increase the understanding of what we all go through living with our dizziness day in and day out.


that was an excellent article

I had heard people talk about ‘spoons’ and in the midst of undiagnosed VM last year, I googled what it meant. It made sense.
However, I have seen it used for people to state how many spoons they have on any given day which would be wonderful but now, hopefully on the long road to recovery, I find I can’t use ‘spoons’ as an analogy I have no idea how many spoons I have. I might think I have 5 in the cutlery drawer but when I open it, they’ve disappeared. Or i might think I’ve only got one but then unexpectedly open the drawer to find another one’s appeared.
The frustration of this is that I can only assume I have one spoon a day and therefore have to ‘triage’ my tasks that day so that I get the most important one done first.
The thing that p*sses me off about this is that I generally never have enough spoons to finish the tasks and still have spoons for fun stuff. For a while eating became my fun thing as I didn’t need any spoons for that (lol - no pun intended) but my weight shot up on the amitriptyline so I’ve had to curb my eating.
Sorry for the moany post.

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I think that’s the whole point. Nobody suffering this condition acutely ever does.

It’s a good analogy though but some people do prefer the full jug theory originally expounded by Dr S.
Appointment with Dr Surenthiran

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What do you mean by spoon? Is this the physical spoon being used in the kitchen? How do use it?

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I will look to fix the pdf link in the OP, apologies.

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I’ve replaced the article in the OP with the one that was originally there.

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I appreciate your goodness for sharing. Thank you. I also want to try this method and hopefully, will work for me.

I recommended it to my therapist.