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Cefaly Medical Device Approved

The first preventative migraine medical device has just been approved by the FDA: … 388765.htm

Wonder if this would help with MAV as well (I don’t see why not?). What are people’s thoughts?

I read on another site that it costs $250 in Canada at Costco. Seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay if it would work to reduce the migraines to me…

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I came on the site today because of this article in the Canadian press: … migraines/

Is it only for the migraine pain, or does it work for the vertigo? Is it related to that huge one that’s being tested for Mdds by Dr. Cha, the rTMS? Or is it a head Seabands?

It’s not just a seaband for the head. It mentions using electrodes and a pulse, so it sounds like a trans-cranial stimulation device. I’m allergic to the adhesive they use on all those pads so I don’t know if I am a candidate or not, but would love to try it!

Literally JUST saw this on the news! I was wondering if it works for us that struggles with almost every SX BUT headaches!! :expressionless:

I am dying to know if this will work for vertigo!!! anyone?!

I’m really considering this as an option, does it work? If so, how does it help? Thank u!

Yes, I use it daily. It’s reduced the painful parts of migraines. Ask Erik @ander454, he’s had longer experience.


How does it work? When you “use” it, what do you do? How long do you use (wear?) it?

It’s electro stimulation of the trigeminal nerve. I don’t what makes it work but I can say after 2 months I have less migraine pain. I have more crystal clear days and way less brain fog.

It’s an electrode with some little electronic do-dad that fries your brain for 20 minutes (prophylactic) or 60 minutes (acute). It kinda hurts but you get used to it. It’s spendy - $500, but they have a 60-day return policy. They can’t have it back.

Sexy, though, not even. Cue the jokes about Vision, Infinity Stones, Star Trek.

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Wow! So, if you are having a migraine headache, and you put it on for 60 minutes, how much do you think it reduces your pain?

If that migraine isn’t due to my neck vertebrae pinching my brain stem, the Cefaly can kill the migraine. It gets kind of addictive to where you want to use it daily.


I think it may work as a “gate” to migraine pain in acute mode, and then a sort of desensitization over time in preventative mode. I use mine most ever night for 20min. Much more tolerable than medication I think. My wife says I look like wonder woman.


I use a lot less rescue meds since I got the Cefaly.

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