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Chronic Fatigue Treatments?

Have any of you found meds, supplements, therapies, etc, that specifically are helpful for the chronic fatigue aspect of this illness? Anything that helps bring more energy and stamina into your life? I know not everyone is as affected by chronic fatigue with VM but it’s one of my most life altering and debilitating symptoms and I’d love to hear about any successes with reducing its impact.

Hi Mara.

Obviously any chronic condition can affect our ability to perform our usual tasks optimumly and that’s bound to make us more tired than a person without the condition would be but somehow I can’t think that is the sort of fatigue to which you refer. Yours I’m guessing is more than that. Yes? No? I understand that both you and your mother have joint dx of fibromyalgia and migraine so presumably are more likely to be affected by extreme fatigue than most MAVers for whom I’d suspect it’s a more uncommon symptom. It’s certainly not one I’ve suffered myself to date🤞. Lucy however is different.
@LucyLabrador Chronic fatigue and MAV

From lots I’ve read there are probable links between the two conditions. Why otherwise would Dr Silver’s major speech to Parliament have also been presented at a fibromyalgia conference and still be recorded on their website I asked myself when I discovered it some years back. Indeed he has written quite extensively in the subject.

*”It is interesting to recognise associations between chronic migraine and fibromyalgia and to reflect that the hallmark feature of both conditions relates to an amplification of sensations mediated by the mechanisms of central sensitisation within the brain. More than a third of patients with primary headache syndromes are known to have fibromyalgia symptoms and those patients who have fibromyalgia typically have worse migraine and poor sleep. There have been studies linking the intensity of diffuse pain and fatigue with headache in fibromyalgia.

Many patients who present to headache clinics have been separately diagnosed as suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. However, chronic migraine in its own right is recognised as a significant cause of fatigue and more than 80% of patients will have significant abnormal levels of fatigue on measurement of a Fatigue Severity Scale and 67% of patients will meet recognised criteria for diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. However, the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) relies on the initial exclusion of any other known underlying cause and it is my opinion that ME or chronic fatigue syndrome should not be diagnosed without first excluding the presence of chronic migraine and/or sleep disorder.”*

All that makes me think that the those links may well be much stronger than we know and perhaps the best way to address the fatigue issues would be to gain effective control over the migraine.

The experiences of others dealing with fatigue, ME etc recorded here may contain other suggestions.
How many of you have long term chronic fatigue& head ache?

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