Concerns over use of Gadolinium in MRI

Is this forum aware of the concerns of using MRI SCANS i. conjunction with gadolinium contrast dye which the FDA has now called into question because of the toxicity showing up in MS patients who get these scans on a fault regular basis? My mistake was to agree to 3different do tors’ requests for contrast MRI scans within a 9 month period of time. I had a blood test done to reveal my gadolinium levels and this particular heavy metal was off the scale for me. If you choose to have an MRI with contrast, please make sure you are drinking a lot of water during to day and for two weeks afterwards to clear this heavy metal out of your system. Right now I’m taking a chelation program to clear this stuff out of my body.Dobt k ow if it will work but I sure hope so.


Hi Carol

Luckily for me I have only had to have one MRI with contrast nearly 10 years ago now. I’ve had another 3 scans since then without contrast thankfully :+1:t3:
Thank you for your post though… I didn’t know that about the FDA - I will read into that when I have a moment :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes indeed:

PS welcome to the forum Carol, so sorry you are having to go through that and thanks for raising!

Hi Carol.

Thanks for bringing this up. I had an MRI with contrast last year. haven’t had the heavy metals test to see about the damage the contrast did, but I can tell you it sent me to urgent care with a skyrocketing blood pressure and a barely there pulse for several days. Within two months my often mildly sketchy kidneys tested at Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure. I squeaked out of dialysis by a hair. Currently my kidneys test low normal, but I have to be very careful.

Not a typical allergic reaction but I list it as an allergen on my charts since. I knew something was wrong the instant they injected the dye. And the aura it produced was one of the strangest I’ve had so far. I’d also argue caution on this one. Have a really good, really specific reason for agreeing to accept contrast.