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Covid Vaccine

Any thoughts on the Covid vaccines for us MAVers? I’m really concerned it will cause a major relapse if I get the vaccine, but then the idea of getting Covid with its potential neurological effects is terrifying also. I have a friend who has battled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the past but who had not had symptoms for many years. She recently got the first dose of Moderna vaccine and is back in the throes of CFS again with pain and exhaustion, been almost 3 weeks. Very anxious about the prospects…

Any change chemical or otherwise can cause increased symptoms and/or bring on a relapse with MAV. The Flu Jab will. I have had maybe five and so far it has once. Hay fever or the common cold will do it for me every time. The more symptomatic one is beforehand the lower tolerance levels are and the higher the chances I guess. Many MAVers react after visiting the dentist or optician. It’s a question of us each weighing up the pros and cons.


Personally I’m a no on the jab. Same fears and more. Much less afraid of Covid. But that’s me.


Many people across the vestibular facebook groups recently have posted that they’ve had the vaccine and been fine. I imagine its alot like the flu vaccine - which I have each year with no side effects.

Personally, I’ll be having the Covid-19 vaccine and I don’t have any fears around it. I think catching Covid would be worse for us than the vaccine itself. But this really depends on the condition you have, and your tolerance to medicine and jabs.


I’ll be getting it too. We begin the vaccine program on Monday here, so I’ll be way down the list. Hope to get it by the end of the year. We have Pfizer and Astrazenica here. The thing I wonder is whether all the different vaccines will have similar after-jab reports from our community. I’ve also read that most are fine. I agree, I would not like to get covid!


Generally it seems side effects are proving very similar with these two. Presumably if the vaccines work similarly reports will be likewise? My understanding is some other, as yet unused, vaccines have different mechanisms so might prove a different story.


I strongly encourage anyone who has access to the vaccine to get it. We have to remember that Covid is basically a flu that has the ability to kill you based on a set of given circumstances. Even if MAV symptoms increase for a period of time after the vaccine it is still better than getting Covid and the risks associated. I am Covid positive with a moderate case for 10 days now and this disease is awful.


I had mine a few weeks ago and had a high temperature overnight but didn’t set anything off dizzy wise. I’m on ami and strict with my diet and weather changes cause more mayhem than the vaccine did. Hope that’s reassuring :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying even while you are fighting Covid! I’m so sorry you have been dealing with this virus and am wishing you a quick recovery with no lasting effects. I know the vaccine is the best chance we have and is worth the side effects. Appreciate the reality check.

Very reassuring Emmie, thank you for sharing your experience!

Nieto13 my view is quite different than yours, except that yes, it’s a flu. And like any flu, it can kill you. I had Covid in April 2020 and it was mild. I know it isn’t for others, and that’s the thing… it effects people in very different ways.
In the UK, statistics from the Office for National Statistics say that fewer than 400 people under the age of 60 have died from Covid in the 11 months since it was introduced. So not really a cause for concern to the under 60s.
It’s the phrase “strongly encourage” you use that gets my goat. Why would you strongly encourage someone else to do anything? In my view, that’s the problem with the world; people interfering in other people’s business. Sure, you can strongly encourage yourself. Isn’t that enough?
I do what I do, and you do what you do.
In my view, why tempt the vestibular system with an unknown and untested mRNA injection that might well alter one’s basic DNA? Imagine how that could potentially afflict the miniscule workings of the inner ear?
But I’m not against the so-called vaccine per se. I wouldn’t strongly encourage anyone to do anything unless it was someone with no mental capacity who I thought may benefit from my counsel.


Hello Belindy,
Judging by your photo on here, you’re young, so, as a matter of interest, what do you fear about getting Covid? You probably wouldn’t have any symptoms anyway. I ask because I’m intrigued as to what would drive anyone to take an untested and untrialed mRNA ‘vaccine’?

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Hi, I think we shouldn’t look at Covid and judge it by death and age statistics. These statistics usually don’t take into account long term side effects - many neurological - that people live with afterwards - even young people. Many have persistent lung conditions and are so far, never been able to recover to the level of health before. I am not afraid that I will die if I got covid, but I worry about what issues such a nasty infection would leave me. Not to mention if I pass it on to my parents who I see all the time. I might be A symptomatic and not even know.

These vaccines have been through rigorous health and safety procedures and are only approved once they satisfy very stringent standards - here

I’m not about to begin an anti vaxxer debate, but since you asked my thoughts about why I would get it and support the idea of ‘strongly encouraging’ people to get it, is because it won’t work if the minority get it. I want things to get back to normal, opening borders to see family etc. For this to happen, most need the vaccine.

I respect your opinion though.


Yeah my friend had it a few weeks ago and has yet to regain full ability to taste and smell.

I’m not a priority group, but I will be getting the vaccine when I am able. I want to do my part to attempt to stop the spread and also it probably can’t be any worse than getting Covid. Most of the people I know that have had Covid are young and healthy with no underlying issues and they are STILL dealing with after effects of Covid months later… plus even if you do get Covid, there’s a possibility you can catch it again! No thanks. If I get MAV symptoms from the vaccine, I know they won’t last forever. I totally understand being nervous about something that is so new though and also understand being nervous about a “relapse” of symptoms!


THIS! In general, always worth remembering when you have a relapse.


Maybe there are beneficial side effects to be gained from the COVID jab after all?

I was really fascinated however to read in the Daily Mail how some people having had the COVID jab have seen sudden improvements in other existing conditions within hours. This was explained by a Professor Cruikshank, immunologist from University of Manchester who wrote “increased stress hormones interfere with the ability of immune cells to target infections … this response, that in vulnerable people, leads to a flare-up in inflammatory conditions”. She further “suspects the vaccine came as a relief to many, immediately reducing stress levels. The beneficial effect on the immune system can be instant. It’s astonishing”.

If one reads that and thinks “MAV” it only goes to show we really need to keep our stress levels down.


Oh thank you for sharing this message! Really making me feel better about the vaccine. When I see the stories of the Covid long-haulers its really eye opening. Hope you are well!

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I think Covid may have started all my MAV problems. I got sick for a week back in late Feb 2020. They didnt have covid tests then and i tested negative for flu. I never got the antibodies test later so who knows. I never had any issues before in my entire life with migraine or vertigo before march 2020. Covid can kill you, MAV really cant. So idk…weigh the scale.

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True that…thanks for that reality check!!