I first came to this website sometime in 2015 or so I believe and I kept posting my updates and frustration up until 2018 perhaps.
Today I saw an email from this site and I felt bad that I did not go back and update you on the good news. (I am hoping I don’ jinx it.) No doubt, countless other people recovered and forgot to update or just did not want to think about it. A cause for optimism.

95% of the solution:
An MD by the name of John Sarno. I was told about Dr. Sarno many times. And I was told about potential psychosomatic triggers. None of this made sense. Then one day I watched “All the rage”, a documentary about Dr Sarno. Then I picked up his book written for back pain sufferers. I was convinced that the same process is happening to me with respect to migraines. I am someone that is not geared toward alternative treatment, meditation, and positive thinking. Nor am I an optimist. Nor did I believe that the pain is psychosomatic. I am saying this to let you know that - if you are a skeptic - trust me, I am very much of a skeptic too.

Interestingly, while I was browsing through the forum just today I saw so much similarity to the stories told by Sarno. While I don’t encourage it, if money is an issue there are free versions of his book online I think. The documentary costs $5. You can skip it, but I think seeing is believing. It took Howard Stern, Larry David, and countless other skeptical grumpy people talking about their recovery for me to seriously and enthusiastically pick up the book.

I did not only recover from MAV/PCS but of a lot of problems I have been dealing with.
This might sound ridiculous but instead of celebrating I did experience a depression after my recovery. I had to make sense of the years lost in pain that I could have avoided by listening to someone’s advice.

5% of the solution:
This was pre-Sarno. I started taking nurtec whenever I feel a minor symptom of migraine/diziness. It improved symptoms. Life quality got better maybe by 10% or more, cannot recall well. I stopped taking it. I was taking it anywhere between “as needed” to “once/3 days”.

Sorry for my poor writing. I happen to be at the airport. I just thought I should not postpone this post any longer.

I look forward to hear your experiences if anyone decides to try this.

I hope I am not jinxing it. It has only been 9 months that I am sx free and doing things I wouldn’t dream of doing for the last 6 years prior.



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Congratulations on your recovery @bachissimo !

I know of John Sarno, in fact I read his books when I had a major backpain episode about 12/13 years ago. I found the connection between the brain and backpain fascinating, but it did not help me at all. What helped was a 2-week backpain rehabilitation with lots of exercises every day. I am still doing some of these exercises.

Interesting that his thinking helped you with your MAV/PCS. Is there anything in particular that helped you the most?

Thanks. Yes. And you can only understand because you read his books.
Before I tell you about the MAV, let me briefly tell you this story: I had another chronic condition for 20 years. Not back pain, rather lower in the legs. The condition was not only palpable by doctors/PTs, but also visible: when I have pain the muscles are twitching, visibly. How could anyone suspect that Sarno’s approach would be relevant in this case. But long story short, Sarno cured it where everyone else failed. 20 years doctors have tried. It took me 3 weeks with Sarno. The fact that his method cured a visible muscular condition, meant in my mind that everything is possible.

So I went about addressing my dizziness and migraines the same way. I have a whiteboard at home. I wrote down all observations that seemed to support the idea that my physical symptoms are made worse by fear and anger. I wanted to believe that he is right - which is crucial. He did not want to treat skeptics, as this would not work on someone who does not believe in the potential. So this is the hardest step. I kept reading these every day. And listening to his 10 daily reminders (an audio that you can find online but not on youtube, I will try to find it). More importantly: when I have symptoms, I would talk to myself like a madman. Tell my unconscious to stop distracting me, that this is not working etc.
And I went back doing things that trigger symptoms as soon 3 weeks after improvement. And whenever I get symptoms, I would look at the white board again… and bit by bit here I am playing piano for hours while I wasn’t able to do 5 mins for the last 5 years without getting dizzy. Not to mention my days start with a run. Similarly, impossible just a year ago.

The most important and difficult step is believing him. Skepticism wouldn’t work. This is why it would be helpful to just watch some videos of him online, and just see how sweet and honest he is.

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