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Daytime nap

Are you able to take daytime naps, if yes, do you think this helps with vestibular migraine?

I take daily daytime naps but not sure, if this helps

I wouldn’t take a nap but if it helps you then keep it up.

I do. They definitely help me get through the day …on the days that I’m not able to nap I start crashing by 4pm and the dizziness gets way worse

Most of my days heavily depend on my quality of sleep. On days where i only get 4 hours of sleep, my symptoms are worse vs good sleep on the weekends plus naps (8-10 hours of sleep), i’m almost free of symptoms.

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No, never have taken naps. If I am well enough to stand up on two feet I get up and stay upright, ie I don’t lie down again until bedtime. If I have intermittent vertigo sitting up once first thing is more than sufficient. Doing it numerous times wouldn’t bear thinking about, If suffering with acute MAV I have to stay in bed if I cannot stand up, no choice. Everybody is different. MAV has never left me fatigued/tired as yet unless really acute which, as @turnitaround says elsewhere, is the result of the balance using so much brain energy, 65% of total capacity. I’m not sure naps are good or bad for MAV. if you are really tired you could be in danger of falling so perhaps a rest would be beneficial and it’s just me. If ever I as much as started to doze off in an armchair, maybe after Christmas Dinner, I wake up feeling sick and with a bad head. Helen

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Yeah, I stay away because I feel worse when I wake up in the mornings. If you nap then you dip into that sympathetic nervous system to arouse yourself, which I think MAVers should stay away from as much as possible.

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I lie down for two hours after lunch, if I don’t I soon feel my body is being pushed too much and I develop a headache. I rarely nap though when I lie down, I usually meditate or listen to some music or a podcast. I’d say, just do what works for you, some days with MAV are just about getting through them!

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It’s very personal, but in general, NO.

Good sleep hygiene means sleeping at night when you are programmed to. Sleeping during the day may hinder your sleep at night.

And crucially, my symptoms (as for many) got much worse after being horizontal, so I would avoid horizontal naps like the plague!

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I’m going to chime in and say some days a nap is a lifesaver. But then I’m not hitting the bed unless I’m already incapacitated and a bit of moderate exercise made it worse rather than better.

I’ve not taken a nap in my adult life, but a nap sounds lovely! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I agree with others here, it is a very personal thing for each of us. I am too high strung I think. I come from a long line of nappers though and since there’s 5 generations of us, I’d say it’s work well for all of them. :smiley:

This is my routine also Diana…i have overwhelming fatigue around 2pm and MUST lie down. I still work 7am til 1pm ( on sick leave at the moment due to severe symptons) and this allows me to crash out for a couple of hours
Jo x

I’ve put it to the test just thinking it was coincidence but I definitely do better when I’m able to take a nap.

I must say that sometimes it used to interfere with my sleep at night but since starting Effexor I can sleep all day and all night without problem. Except during the first week of starting/increasing which causes me insomnia

I wouldn’t term a couple of hours lying down ‘a nap’. That’s more necessitated ‘bed rest’ because of acute symptoms caused by breakthroughs, med increases etc. I think of naps’ more in terms of what Granny used to call ‘forty winks’, maybe a quick doze over the dinner table after a meal. What my Dad always referred to as ‘just checking out the back of my eyelids’. :joy:Helen

Mine are 2-3 hours and are essentially a systems crash. It’s not every day or every week but lately it’s been a lot more than is reasonable. This last month it’s been about half the days. Being unmedicated is not helpful. Neither is attempting to get used to metformin again. My symptoms have morphed significantly this year going from dizzy, tired, nauseous to much more dramatic swings with defined auras and classic migraines. Not sure if that’s good or bad. It’s more debilitating but not quite so constant - except the ever present visual snow and tinnitus.

Mine are 2-3 hours too. Today for example I didn’t nap because I had something to do during those hours. It’s 5pm and I’m swaying BAD and can keep a headache coming but obviously it’s too late to sleep so I’ll just wait until 8pm and call it a day

I am on 200mg trokendi and 140 mg amovig which has reduced the dizzi spells. However, I always seems to be tired, so day time nap helps. I have no problem sleeping in the night

Was dozing a bit today on the couch, but it’s rare. Mostly I just lie down and relax for a bit in the afternoon, rarely fall asleep but sometimes it happens. If you think it’s helpful I would do it, but probably best to keep it regular.

I nap or exercise at lunchtime. If I exercise I don’t need to nap, but if I’m sitting at a computer screen… :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: 10-20 mins power nap and then I’m set for the afternoon.

But if I swim or cycle or gym I don’t feel like it.

I did this since my teens so not MAV related. Maybe I’m part spanish. Siesta time!


I say do whatever works! I’m surprised that no one so far has recommended a napping pill. I nap whenever I can wherever I can. There’s an old army maxim that says: sleep now because you don’t know when you can in the future. As someone else mentioned though, the longer naps aren’t really naps… they’re daytime sleeps.
My own work is “as and when I choose to do it” (online work), so a typical day for me would be:-
Rise at 11.30am and ease myself into the day! This takes 2 hours.
1.30pm - Do some work.
5pm - a mini nap, perhaps 45 minutes
7pm to 10pm - a bit more work.
10pm to midnight - major nap.
midnight to 1,30am - exercise
1,30am to 5am - work if I cba and tv soaps.
5.30am to 11.30 - main sleep and reading in bed.
This reads as a very odd life but I simply don’t care what anybody thinks and I don’t have to fit in with anybody at all. Or they fit around me. It’s the only way to manage MAV and keep earning money. I’d do a lot less if I was richer though


That is an interesting schedule!

You can ultimately do as you please and I’m sure you will but are you not concerned about hormone regulation and the promotion of excess cortisol release due to looking at a screen at 4am? Have you tried a different routine?

(Not attacking you personally)

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