Discourse App

I just discovered that mvertigo.org can be accessed through Discourse. I’ve downloaded the Discourse app, set it up on my phone and iPad and added in the discussion groups that I’m connected with that are on Discourse.

I really like it because it gets them off my browser and puts them all in one place where they are easier to keep tabs on.


That’s right, Eric, implicitly covered here but appreciate the dedicated topic you’ve created.

You can add any Discourse-based community you are a part of.

I have several in mine covering a range of subjects.



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Where can I find a list of sites that can be accessed through discourse hub?

That’s an oft asked question.

They are on Google so you might be able to ask Google for eg:

“Discourse Nature Photography”,

“Discourse Interactive Fiction” etc

I’ll see if I can find a list of some of them.

I’ve been Googling my fingers off all morning and I’m coming up dry.

BTW, when did Googling become a verb?