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Dizziness in children

Hi all

I’m a “recovered” MAV-er.

The reason for my post today is my 11 year old daughter has started getting dizzy spells in the last week, some at rest, others while computing at school (screen seems too bright, headache, room rocking) etc. she has recently started secondary school, and although she’s enjoying it, she does seem rather shellshocked by the huge step up in work and the sheer number of things she has to get done, so stress could well be a factor.

I think there is a strong likelihood this is migraine related, however I was wondering if any of you have had experience with kids getting it?

Also - does anybody know if Dr Surenthiran consults with children/paediatrics?


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Hi Gideon. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Am I right to think you once said she gets migraines or am I confusing with someone else? Of course they do tend to run through families.

As you’re ‘recovered’ and not much around you might not have come across @belindy from Australia. She’s a MAVer and one if her two little daughters seems to be going that way too. Not sure of the up to date situation but I know B. Will respond direct. Like you I’d think there’s a strong possibility she’s heading that way.

Bppv in children- my six year old is dizzy

Hi, sorry to hear about your daughter.

My 7 year old has Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
(CVS). This is a migraine variant and has her nauseous and vomiting for 5 days. Follows the exact pattern about every three months. She did mention she felt a bit dizzy last time (back in August).

Yes! Children get migraines and sometimes not the classic type. It does sound like some kind of variant to me. Migraines change over time, so hopefully for the better.

Good luck with your daughter

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Thanks for the messages. Both my daughters have previously had migrainous events, but not frequently repeating like these dizzy spells.

I hope we can do something about it before it grows worse.

Your poor 7 year old - how awful! Are they ok the rest of the time when not having the cycles?



Hi Gidlabu
Really happy for you that your recovery has been sustained.
Secondary School is a big stressor , incredibly tiring having to cope with it all. Also at 11 your daughter is entering/in puberty and her hormones are probably going a bit crazy. Lots of migraine and migraine variants start for girls at the onset of puberty or menstruation. I think if you are a candidate for migraine then most school rooms are a nightmare - too hot, too noisy with hard surfaces, harsh lighting, busy corridors etc… all the things that make restaurants, concerts and supermarkets difficult places for us adults on top of the stress of new classes, trying to make friends. I can see that a computer room would be really disorientating and could become a bete noire. Things may settle down once she is more accustomed to her new life.

Looking back I can see I had a migraine variant when I was in my early teens - I used to get dizzy or feel really disorientated in certain environments and during menstruation. I had to give up gymnastics/trampolining which I trained 4 nights a week for as it started to give me motion sickness and diziness.

However, one of my older daughters (now 26) got dizzy and hot, felt “weird” in Year 7 around the time her periods started (and I worried she would also have MAV). It settled down and she never has migraines or variants.

All the best.


Thanks, that’s incredibly helpful.

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Yes. She is perfectly normal in between events. Looks like you have lots of info from @sputnik2 which is great. I’m not sure of the UK system.

It could well be hormones - and a vestibular migraine variant. I know they give kids pizofiten which I know worked for you (and me). Perhaps keep that up your sleeve.

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Hi Gideon,
I wonder if your daughter has recently been jabbed with a state injection? Thousands of stories are now circulating about people of all ages having adverse effects from the vaccines. Some people have even called them “clot shots” since so many clot related ailments have ensued since the masses have clamoured for their benefits. (Strokes, tumours, seizures, etc) But with a 99.74% recovery rate from covid, it’s easy to see why people are so spooked. The fluid in the mRNA vial seems to seek the weakest point in peoples’ bodies; so some are affected in the heart, ot knee joints or a host of other places… and therefore it’s easy to see how a miniscule system like the vestibular one could easily be effected.
I say all this, but your child may not have (yet) been pierced. Interesting though isn’t it. Over the next few years, we will see the results and the reasons behind the worldwide push and it won’t be what anyone thinks.

Please take your mad conspiracy theories elsewhere.