Dizzy 24/7?

I was wondering how many people are dizzy 24/7?

I have good times and bad times but im still not 100% on a good day. I’m dizzzy 24/7

Me!! I am dizzy 24/7 - it varies in intensity but I have been dizzy/off balance all the time for 3 years 6 months now and it sucks BIG TIME!! X

yep been dizzy 24/7 for 10 months… 10 months too long. It sucks. In the beginning it was unbearable, but now it’s manageable. Hoping some day I will be dizzy free… hope everyone else is too :smiley:

Dizzy 24/7 - Like being in the belly of a boat all the time unless I’m lying down very still.

I’m a 24/7 dizzy person

Meeeeee too! Been dizzy 24/7 for three years how Ive done it I do not know I got used to a bck ground dizziness that Ive lived with all this time but keep relapsing to bad dizzys awful awful!
My ENT told me no one is dizzy forever yeah right I think our brains have just got stuck this way

I was dizzy 24/7. Now is it controlled by medication (topamax) and life style changes.(mostly diet,getting caffine out) (also vision therapy for me) It does get better so don’t give up. Waiting until I’ve been better for a year before I post my success story. Hoping I don’t releaspe at some point.

Hi Markmindo,

‘‘also vision therapy for me’’ is that VRT?

how much better are you at the moment? how long did it take?

i am glad your feeling better

I’ve also been dizzy 24/7 for going on six years. Unbearable at first but it has got better ( but not enough!) Currently at about 70% (most times) but still get really bad days. It’s very debilitating, tiring,depressing and altogether “a pain in the butt” Currently on 40gm nori and about to start Topirimate ( very scared!)

Good luck and best wishes to all Dizzies! : :slight_smile:


What is vision therapy?

Nabeel and Hillsta,

I have been dizzy for almost three years now off and on. I wasn’t diag with mav until last April. I started Topamax in April and it took about 2 months before it started to work. I would say I was on 50 mg twice a day for about 2 weeks before I started to feel better. Before and and even after the topamax I could not tolerate computer screens at all. Which is unforturnate because I work with them all day for my job. I am very triggerd visually ( computers, shopping centers, etc) and my vrt therapist recommended I go see a neuro ophthamologist she knew to see if he could help me further.

I went and he diag me with severe eye convergence and photophobia as well as some other things, I got prizm glasses from him( don’t know how I ever used a computer without them). People with eye convergence insufficiency have problems with computers, close up work, etc. People who need vision therapy normally need it because they have problems with computers, words may bounce when reading etc. I do the therapy at home and I really just stare into a special light bulb every night for twenty minutes. Its supposed to get my eyes to work together property. Pretty boring activity. If I do it, I find it really helps me. I skipped the last four nights and I’ve been pretty misreable today trying to work all day. No more skipping. If it were not for the vision therapy or for Dr. Wylie I would probably have to be quiting my job. He honestly seems to be the only Dr. who understands what is going on with me. At least how this has been affecting my vision and my issues with computers. The rest of my Dr.s just give me blank stares and look at me like I’m crazy drama queen.


I am dizzy (rocking, shaking, bobbing, tilting) all the time unless my head has been immobilized for a while (lying down in bed or reclining in chair with head supported). Another exception is I am not dizzy when in passive motion (car/airplane). I suppose I am still dizzy then, but the movement of the car/plane mask my internal sensations…

i am rocky 24/7. just hit my 2 year anniversary ;(

i do too feel normal in the car. kennedylane, have you been checked for mdds?

I was until meds–first Celexa helped but now I’m taking 150 mg topiramate and 2.5 mg Lexapro.


Have you found any links on the web where I can look up more info on this vision therapy? I think I may need it myself

Yeah i’m interested to know about this vision therapy. I wonder if anywhere in the uk does it

Teri, do you wear the prism glasses just for the computer or all the time? Did they help straightaway or did you take time to get used to them? Thanks.


What are prism glasses?

— Begin quote from “nabeel”

What are prism glasses?

— End quote

Prism is usually prescribed in lenses to help you use your eyes together. Some people’s eyes have a tendency to try and pull apart when they are in use — some go up and down, and some go in, and some go out. These are called muscle imbalances, or “fixation disparities,” in our lingo.

Prism can help ease the symptoms of these imbalances by making the brain think the eyes are working together.



I just wear them when I use the computer and I noticed a difference right away.( They help with reading too). I was still having major problems so my doctor put scotch tape on the the inside of my glasses on both sides by the nose part. it helped so much. It was the weirdest thing. Even so, I use the computer so extensivly for work, the glasses alone help but not enough. I will try to find some info on vision therapy and eye convergence insuffincey and post some links when I have time later today. I never posted a link on the site before but I’m sure I can figure it out.