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Do showers trigger you?

Hi All,
My name is Adam and I have just been recently diagnosed with VM from my Nuerologist. I have been struggling with this for almost 3 months. It is nice to have a plan to move forward with. I didnt even know about VM until I signed up on this site, so thank all of you for sharing your stories.

I have adopted the migriane free diet, and the Dr. Has me on 25mg of Topomax and will work me up to 100mg within a month. I also exercise 5 times a week to help keep up my fitness and give my body a better chance of beating this. I have figured pit alot of my triggers, but I seem to always feel dizzy after a shower. It is not a full blown VM, but it bothers me for a good hour or so. I was curious if anyone else had any information on this, or has personally experienced the same thing.

Also, if you are following the migraine free diet, do you have to wipe out all products associated with the food? Fore example, it says no coconut, but what about coconut milk or coconut palm sugar? Same question with almonds.

Any advice would be helpful, thanks!

Feeling dizzy after a shower I have decided for me is caused by all the bending and reaching up and down as this is how we move about to reach our feet, hair, products etc. I also feel dizzy after putting the shopping away, hoovering etc for the same reason. As far as coconut and almonds are concerned I am fine with both, any other kind of nuts make me feel unwell.

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The movement of the water in the bath used to affect me until I began medication. And getting out of the bath. Now it’s no longer an issue.

Sometimes my shower is the worst part of my day. I feel increased swaying sensations. I have scalp sensitivity so using shampoo can be torture. I am extremely careful with my movements to bend and reach, as mentioned by @Aedrington above. Occasionally if my shower actually feels okay I get suddenly dizzy when I get out, perhaps the quick temperature change. I try to open the curtain partially and let some colder air flow in to get out gradually, as well as turning the water temperature down towards the end of the shower. It feels so good to use hot water on my sore neck but I have a tendency to get overheated which also can trigger symptoms all in itself.

James that still bothers me with medication! Same with pools! Hate hate hate that!

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Thanks for all of your replies. Its nice to know that I am not the only one that has issues with it!
Any of you have success with Topamax?

I find it is a problem whenever I bend and turn my head too much or for long periods of time. Doing a lot of prep work in the kitchen or pruning in the garden stimulates vertigo. And it is worse in the summer when it is hot as heat is a trigger for me. I walk for 50 minutes 5 days a week and I have to keep my head still and looking forward. Remember, it can be eye movements back and forth, not just head movements. I have to be careful in social settings. Nortriptyline is the medication I take every 10 to 14 months, on a short course. It has been very helpful. I also find that too much dairy, like ice cream or gelato or milk, increases nerve sensitivity in my face. It causes swelling that puts pressure on the nerves. My lips tingle and my nose drips. I try to really limit that. Occasional is fine. With all the foods on the diet, I find an occasional, small amount is not a problem. But I never have real coffee, alcohol, Asian food, a whole orange or grapefruit. Good luck to you. (

I want to echo a lot of the comments here. The water is fine for me, but it’s the vertical movement that causes me to get dizzy. Upwards/downwards movements of my arms, like in shampooing my hair or soaping my upper body, are difficult unless I do it slowly. Slower = easier. Also, bending over, like when I’m peeling carrots into the garbage, or when I have to bend over pretty far to get clothes out of the washing machine (that’s the worst!!), or even if I bend forward/downwards a bit towards my plate every time I take a bite. But I’m getting off all the meds because they make me feel worse, and I’m hoping that as my symptoms are relatively mild, I can make it work with just supplements, exercise, and smart eating.

I know it’s been a while since this post but has this nightmare gotten any better for anyone? I’ve been dealing with this for about 4 years with no luck. Thanks

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I’m completely over my bath issues and without medication. See my personal diary linked on my user card for more info.

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Having resurrected an older thread no doubt you are already aware there are quite a few references to showers increasing symptoms on site. Depends how symptomatic ones feeling often I suspect. Several reasons I can see for it. Some people’s symptoms do seem to be aggravated by water temperature but personally I would attribute mine to Visual Vertigo. MAVers tend to be visually dependent so the steamy atmosphere doesn’t help. Usually dependent people use their eyes more yo balance than others and one thing that particularly facilitates that is being able to focus on a fixed point, it possible through a veil of moving water. Think a sink emptying or a breeze on a lake causing ripples. Self Movement is another strong trigger and in the shower maybe increased head and or eye movement increases symptoms.

Your reaction is indicative that you are still hypersensitive. As you have had this for four years and depending on what other symptoms you have might well be worth discussing treatment options with your doctor.

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I get this too. And just the same as you, for maybe an hour or so after it.

I agree with another poster that it is all the movement to wash and get shower gel etc.

This makes sense. I also get it when hoovering and putting shopping away. Also when cooking.

Hi everyone

Has anyone showered during relapse and seemed to set all your symptoms back off for a few days? After washing my hair last night I seem to have brought on a very weird scalp sensation that one side of my head is heavier than the other. Also ear fullness and loss of balance. Yesterday I had the best day progress wise but the shower was quite rocky indeed. Such a heavy head afterwards and imbalance worse too… seems to have carried over to this morning :confused:

No I haven’t, but it’s interesting you mention a weird scalp sensation. I had this last night and I got it a fair bit when I was bad. It feels like a muscle cramp but on my head. At the back at the crown of the head. It is the weirdest feeling.

Was great you had a better day yesterday. Could it be the heat from the shower? This can be problematic for people with fast heart rate, ms etc.

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Hey Belinda

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve had this feeling all week whilst washing my hair but I think yesterday it was more noticeable because I’d had a better day. I know having a shower is an assault on the senses and when you wash your face you have to close your eyes… well that’s wasn’t pleasant. If I shower and don’t wash my hair though it seems much more comfortable.

Isn’t this odd? It seems to happen to me if I have been touching my hair a lot or washed it. It went all the way around to my right ear too and lasted ages.

Had a few dizzy spells in bed lastnight too and woke up a little sicky feeling. I Haven’t had to take sickness tablets in maybe 2.5 days because I’ve been feeling more settled inside. Everything seems less angry but the imbalance and dizzy spells continue. Walking is still strange too…like I’m taking massive strides or walking on air and my legs feel weak too :thinking:

Something else to add is that I feel like my head is more stable if I tie my hair in a ponytail - I sort of feels like I’m steadier, like both sides of my scalp are having the same sensations.

Hello my friend!
Showers were one of the worst triggers for me when I was chronic… so bad.
Actually I switched to using our spare bathroom that didn’t have tiles, so it was easier on my eyes and the water pressure was lesser which seemed to help also. I also started showering in the evening which was my better time of day, since I always felt so much worse in the mornings.
I remember washing my hair was such a challenge that dry shampoo became a good friend to me.
I’m glad to know your making progress, although tiny… I know you’re a fighter an will prevail once again! Here for you anytime you need me!

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Hi there!

Isn’t taking shower at evening can lower blood pressure? Anyway, what particular brand of shampoo are you using, is it okay to use organic shampoos just in any case?

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Hi Marie,
I did not know about the evening showers lowering blood pressure. Evenings were just the only time of day that I could function well enough to get the job done and my husband was always within reach in case things went badly too. I was always so scared I would fall during a bad vertigo spell in the shower… I never did, but I always felt like I would :frowning:

I do not like the aerosol dry shampoo’s very well, since I don’t like inhaling the aerosols. Here is one dry shampoo I like very much
It has very basic, organic ingredients and no ugly chemicals.

Even though I am 98% better and well-controlled, I still use the dry shampoo and have grown to love it. It is part of a new routine for me :heart:

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