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Do you feel better immediately after eating a meal?

Do your symptoms feel better immediately after eating a meal? Anyone know the reason for this?


I generally feel better (it never completely goes away) after eating lunch…as long as I haven’t eaten a trigger. I always feel worse in the morning for some reason and better after say, 4pm. I am not sure why either…but would love to know.


Exactly the same with me, Jeanette: the worst (definitely) in the mornings and better as the evening draws nearer – but never perfect. Also, I do feel a little better after eating. Like you, I have no idea why.

Thats interesting, I actually always feel better immediately after waking up in the morning, after a good nights sleep! I feel worse throughout the day as I tackle things.

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Yes I get this also. I find if I’m hungry I get pressure/heaviness over the brisge of my nose and in the left side of my face and teeth and when I eat it tends to go away or lessen. I don’t know whether it is because there is a link between seretonin and insulin. I also feel better in the morning, my symptoms seem a lot clamer although not entirely gone. I also get the same effect from having a nap in the afternoon. I’m trying a ketogenic diet for my migraine to see if this helps though it’s hard going to follow.

I almost always feel WORSE after eating a meal. No idea why, or if it’s significant …

I find I’m no longer conscious of hunger unless I’m verry hungry. So needing to eat masquerades as malaise,and eating restores me.
Except when felt hunger actually stands in for fatigue or anxiety. Hah!
But this doesn’t change the fact that eating restores me, at least temporarily, except when I eat foolishly.

When my gut’s a mess, though, I have to be real careful of what and how I eat, or eating will be a source of pain and queasiness.

Old thread that I thought I would revive. I always feel pretty yukky in the mornings and better as the day progresses… specifically after lunch. Seems within an hour of eating lunch is my “turning point” typically. Of course, every day is a new mystery! Ps… I do not have blood sugar issues.

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I’m the opposite. I tend to feel better in the morning and worse as the day goes on. It makes it tough to do things in the evening. I used to feel worse after eating but I’ve gotten a lot stricter with my diet so that’s not really an issue anymore.

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MAV does vary constantly, through the day, through the week, over time. All consistent things about it is it’s inconsistent. If you are medicated bear in mind most drugs work better when there is food in the gut. Many drugs gave alot better working on protein. Propranolol’s performance can increase 50% working on protein. I’ve both read and proven that personally. Many antidepressants are much the same. Some drugs tend to give a ‘hangover’ effect and leave people drowsy in the mornings. More protein first thing could help. Helen

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When I was very sick I’d wake up feeling variably off and would improve during day.

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Generally, I feel better in the mornings…better after eating a meal, and more woozy by late afternoons. But then again - sometimes I have little spins from the time I wake…nothing so constant as inconsistency with this!!! I do not have blood sugar issues - I test frequently because of family hisotries.


My migraine is best in the morning and gets worse and worse as the day goes on. Meals always give me a temporary bit of relief for half an hour or so, too.

Angela Stanton’s book has a whole lot to say about the link between glucose and migraines. I know mine have major metabolic components.

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Very interesting! I had not heard of her book… did you try her protocol?

Yes, and it makes a big difference.

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I have breakfast, then at 10:30 i start to get headache and feel dizzy so i eat toast, which makes me feel better. I then eat again the next time i start to feel ill and it subsides. I eat 4 small meals a day rather than the usual 3 because of this, and eat more often than i used to. Does ayone else feel better after eating? Any ideas why this happens?

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Not something I’ve experienced personally. I’d have to say I don’t consider it a typical VM/MAV and would have said it must surely be related to metabolism, maybe insulin or something that would indicate presence of some other condition. However, recalling a previous thread on the same subject, I used the Search facility to find it (it’s always worth doing this before creating a new thread, there’s a relevant wealth of information on here) and it seems it can have links to insulin and according to a book by Angela Stanton can have links to MAV. I’ll bump the thread up and maybe you can pick it up from there. Helen

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Yeah, in my experience MAV is interlinked with metabolism for sure. I’d expect you to feel worse after eating due to heightened blood sugar levels but better after toast? Don’t know…

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