Flying To Maui

Hi everyone,

I am going on vacation tomorrow, flying from NYC to Maui, 13 hours and 3 planes. This is my first flight since being dizzy and also almost my one year dizzyversity. This all started about a week after I got back from Hawaii last year. I am a little nervous, but I think i will be ok on the flight and on Maui. Worse comes to worst, i will just have to spend the rest of my days on a beautiful tropical island. I will let you all know how it went when I return.


Best of luck. Just spent last week at the beach, not in hawaii though! Being out and busy helped keep my dizziness at a low level. Especially being in the water…actually made me feel “straight.” I noticed most of the dizzies when I was sitting still. You’ll be fine, you will have a great time! Just stay active and enjoy yourself.
(one suggestion though, don’t use the conveyer belts you walk on at the airports, those made me feel weird even before all this started…wonder what they would do now!)

Thanks Jen, I think I will be fine too. I have the most trouble when I am indoors in crowded places, so being outside and in wide open areas should be great. As long as my brain doesn’t scramble on the flight, I don’t anticpate any issues. I do have xanax just in case and the friend I am visiting is a acupture/massage/holistic medicine person. I told her she can fix my brain while I am there.

I did it last year…dc to dallas dallas to honolulu then a puddle jumper to maui… had ativan which i did use which helped…biggest issue was the heat in hawaii…that triggered mav symptoms for me. Have been to hawaii four times and this flight was tge most difficult but ativan helped! Also…if you are going to feel dizzy…not so bad to be dixxy in maui! Enjoy your trip…it is well eorth it as you know!

Good luck and have a blast! You deserve it, we all deserve it. Get on that plane and stay positive. Aloha!

You will be fine… I promise… when I flew to Abu Dhabi I felt the most normal I’d felt in ages ON THE PLANE!! Random :lol:

Enjoy the trip buddy…Maui is great! (my favorite of all the islands)

There is something about the calmness and serenity that makes the brain feel a little better (and a little mai tai does not hurt either :smiley: )

While you are there, go to a dinner joint called Mama’s Fish House. It is off the beaten path and a local could direct you how to get there. It is located in the most gorgeous setting overlooking the ocean and has the most fantastic food you could ever wish for.

I “re-pre-posed” to my wife there on our 10 year anniversary with a new wedding ring. Gave the ring to the GM when we got there…told him the skinny, and he had our waitress deliver two (2) mai tais with the wedding rings tied to the umbrella.

I did this on the 2nd night we were in Hawaii…it put me in good graces for the entire rest of the trip ! :mrgreen:

Enjoy the sun and fun Deek…you deserve it! Relax that brain!


Thanks guys, I honestly feel pretty good about it. I have been feeling better and better each week and coping with the mental side better too. I have noticed my mini -spins are decreasing and I am not having panic attacks following them any more. Sometimes I think that the plane will screw with my brain and I will have to start this process all over again, but I quickly kick that out there because I cannot stop living my life. I think this trip could be my final step to get over the mental hurdle of thinking about how I feel all the time. When I get there, I am going to let it all go and leave it there when I come back.

P.S. If anyone wants to set off their Mav but for a good cause, I can bring back macadamia nuts, kona coffee and fresh avocados! :slight_smile:

Thanks Todd, I will certainly check that out. Who knows, maybe I will meet a special lady out there and steal your proposal! I will make sure to credit you in my speech at the rehearsal dinner.

Remember…the key is to present the ring early in the trip…thus, putting you in such high regard that you can do no wrong the rest of the trip! :lol:

We went with our best friends on our trip (sans kids)…

The day (post ring offering)…I mentioned that my buddy and me were going to go to the local sports bar and have some beers and relax by the beach.

She just stared at the ring and smiled and said…“Have a great time Honey, I love you” :lol:

Like everything…it is all in timing! (Like that f###ing Microsoft stock…but that is a whole other story!)


Have a great time my friend…you deserve it! Soak up some sun and relaxation for all of us!!! :smiley:

Whoa there!
Did I miss something? I didn’t realize the significance of this trip!! Wowza! Awesome!!
My husband proposed to me at Sunset in Mexico on our trip and it is my favorite vacation of all time. Good on ya!!

Hi Kelley,

Just to clarify I am not proposing on this trip. But if I do meet someone and fall in love, it’s not completely out of the question. I like to keep hope alive that it could happen. :slight_smile:

Oh okay…I thought I overlooked a biggie… :slight_smile:
You will have a great time. It’s one of my favorite places on earth…maybe top favorite.
ENjoy every minute of it!


have fun out there. Have a safe trip there and back.


Thanks Kelley, although you just gave me a good idea for a story/movie. It will be a romantic comedy/tear jerker about a guy living in the big city whose life revolved around working and going out until he is stricken with MAV. It will focus on his battle with dizziness, lack of diagnosis and suspenseful doctors appointments. It will chronicle his dark descension into anxiety and depression, wallowing in the pity of his lost life and fear that he may never find love and have the life he always wanted.

Then… with the support of his family and a vertigo forum he rises from the dark depths of migraine hell and regains his life. He then meets a woman with a serious anxiety disorder and start to date. BUT eventhough they get along great, they start to realize after a few months that their love is fading and after a tearful heart wrenching discussion they decide to break-up.

Although hard for both of them, deep down they know it was the right decision and realize that their relationship has helped them deal with their anxiety/migraine issues better and they live happily ever after.

I will call it " The world has Turned and Left me Here"

LOVE IT! :slight_smile:

oooh - let me clarify…I dont love that they decided not to be together due to their illnesses but i love your imagination!

— Begin quote from "Tamsha"

oooh - let me clarify…I dont love that they decided not to be together due to their illnesses but i love your imagination!

— End quote

Hi Tamsha,

That’s not why they decided not to be together, they decided to break up because they weren’t falling in love. They loved being with each other and the feeling of not being alone. But in the end they had to break up because it just wasn’t meant to be. But the relationship helped them both with their repective illnessess and ultimately their life long happiness. It’s like 500 days of Summer without the sweater vests.

…and then some jackass sells his Microsoft before it makes any money and rocks out to Bon Jovi while guzzling tequila while sporting a mullet.

Oh wait…the movie rights for that flick are already taken. For $2 million dollars, I will sell you all the details :smiley:

Go have fun buddy…snorkel up a storm! I am like Kelley…I absolutely love Maui !

I was offered a Transplant job in Honolulu and did not take it…again, one of my many “what ifs” that I keep asking myself!!! :lol:

Have a mai tai for me…in fact , have a couple, I am kind of thirsty today.


Sigh! Deekon, will you marry me? LOL!!