Funny hearing thing

I have been experiencing a lot of tinitus lately due to stress and bad diet. I have started experiencing something that went away a few years ago and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

The other day, one of my co-workers was running a noisy peice of equipment. Lots of white noise like I prefer when the tinitus acts up. The odd thing was that when he turned off the equipment and the moment the noise went away, the whole room shifted about 2 feet to the side. As I said, I have experienced this a few years before, and if I was standing, my body would try to adjust on it’s own to the false motion, and I would fall. If I was sitting, like I was the other day, I just feel the room shifting.

Just curious,

I’ve never heard anything like that, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?

You said that white noise improves your tinnitus, yes? Does it also improve your sense of false motion?


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I’ve never heard anything like that, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?

You said that white noise improves your tinnitus, yes? Does it also improve your sense of false motion?


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The white noise just drowns out the tinnitus. Doesn’t help with the false motion that I have noticed.

okay, so much for my theory. i was going to compare it to “better with motion.” When the motion stops, i get hit with the dizziness that the motion had been improving. This just sounded like a similar phenomenon involving noise.


Hi Brain yes I have this sensation alway everyday,
and during a migriane and especailly under fluro light also , but never 2 feet shift only around and inch! each way.
it will shift to the left one way1 inch,
and then to the other side, 1 inch every second or so.
jen :x

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…especailly under fluro light…
jen :x

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Now that is an interesting concept. I am going to have to pay attention to see if it ever happens under regular lighting.


Brian I thought this is what others meant by visaul shifting,
I’ve heard others here use this term before and I knew thats what I would have called it.


is there a symptom you DON’T have :frowning:


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Brian I thought this is what others meant by visaul shifting,
I’ve heard others here use this term before and I knew thats what I would have called it.

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I’ve experienced visual shifting; where you see stationary things move. What I am talking about is a physical sensation where I actually “feel” the room move.


oh no not me
only pulling side ways and pushing forwards
jules its been 15 years so Ive been collecting them heee :mrgreen:

just one thing!
now you know why my all My Drs thought I was just insane!!!

insane instead of unique, what a mistake 8)

Hi Brian,
I’m new to this forum and will be posting my intro/story soon. I been having issues with my head for two years now.

Sorry to hear what happened to you at work. You say “the whole room shifted about 2 feet to the side.”… When my head is worse than usual… that sounds exactly like what happens to me all the time. That has been my major complaint since this started and doctors look at me like I’m crazy. My field of vision shifts/jerks to the right it seems like a couple feet, and my body has the sensation of also shifting to the right, even though my body is not moving. It is such a horrifying sensation for me, it feels as though I’m going to die when this occurs. This feeling continues for me severely for about a half hour… then subsides slightly, and the rest of day is pretty much wasted and all I can really do is get home and lay down. On my good days, I feel like i’m always dizzy, and half way to the whole-room-shifting feeling.

I always have the tinitus, it seems the worse my head is, the tinitus gets louder. I always have to sleep with a fan on for white noise. I have not experienced the head thing with only a change in sound. I definitely have issues with noise levels though, and a major sensitivity to lights. I always have to have lights adjusted to the perfect level of brightness, and I cannot handle loud noises much. I avoid going out to restaurants now (and most places), because of all the noise, background noise, along with lots of people moving around, seems to trigger my head into doing the shifting thing, I’m always very uncomfortable. It’s as though there is too much auido/visual stumuli for my head… I’ve always had minor tinitus most of my life, the rest of this is all two years new to me.

May I ask what you did after that happened to you at work? How long did that feeling last for you?


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It’s as though there is too much auido/visual stumuli for my head…

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Welcome to the one place where almost everybody can identify with exactly that… :wink:
I haven’t been able to get outside the house, or watch TV, or play video games, or even guitar (and oh so much more, of course!), all for a single reason: visual overload.
Actually, I lied, the headaches are a problem too, but I could probably live a semi-normal life with that.

Anyway, welcome :slight_smile:
I’ll be sure to read your story later.


What I am refering to is just a momentary thing. It has happened to me a handful of times, the first was the worse, trying to catch myself, reaching for objects that my body thought was moving to catch myself, only to find them where they started. Since that time I know what to expect, and just whine about it.

The long lasting false motion things that I normally expereince which most of us on this forum complain about is the room will feel like I am on a boat at sea, rocking back and forth, and back and forth. This will last anywhere from a few minutes to the entire day. It kind of feels like you are walking on a giant waterbed or something.

BTW, to answer your last question, about how I dealt with the room shift. I stuck one arm out to the wall, and the other grabbed my desk to catch myself. Then I commented to the person who shut off the source of the sound. We both laughed and I went back to work.

The people I work with are very understanding, and know that I deal with situations like this best with humor, so we all have a good laugh whenever stuff like this happens to me at work.

Brian -

That description of walking on a giant water bed. That’s it. I’d never put it in words like that but that’s it.


Thornapple used to talk about it like walking on cushions. Waterbed sounds better to me.

So Molly, when you’re standing still, does the floor move?


That shifting you describe in another form of vertigo. It can take on many identities and that is one of them. I’ve had it also but not triggered by noise. The way I figure it, this illness can create so many bizzare and scary symptoms that there is no limit to what the brain has in store for us around the next bend and nothing surprises me anymore. Everything can SCARE me, just not really surprise me.
I am the type that hates the unknown, boy have I ever had to get over that one! 8)

Hi Hafthere,
I was saying to Julie the other day, that I could still feel something lurking in the background, even though my rocking had stopped.
I just haven’t been able to put my finger on it.

I’ve heard over and over again, here and on the MDds forum about this motion intolerance, I always thought people meant a general feeling of unsteadiness on rides or unstable platforms,
Or say sea sickness ect…

The past few weeks I have had this sensation, creeping into my head if I walk to fast or move to fast, even if only in a forward motion.
I knew this feeling all too well, while rocking every day, but never expected it to linger after the rocking had past.

The feeling is just as revolting as it was while say sitting in a crowded room turning my head to talk to people, waving their arms around or walking around a shopping center in fluro lights while rocking ect…

This brain glitch!
Has continued every day since my rocking has stopped.
With the topamax my mind is clearer, and today I remembered this very same feeling from when I was a small child,
My father would grab me from the floor and sweep me up quickly,toss me on his shoulders, It was the very same feeling in my head then, Very disturbing almost electric, as if my brain hadn’t caught up with the motion of my body.


Oh Boy, we do have the weirdest things gong on don’t we.
Frightening, this makes me realize that even trying to travel by plane or boat ect… would be a BIG mistake, until I can be sure it’s truly gone. :frowning:


So, despite what Jerod said, we WERE born this way, hey, Jen :frowning:

Now that your symptoms are lowered you’ve become more acutely aware of the subtleties of what we pack into that little word that everyone else on the planet thinks they understand - dizzy.


(who was reminded after a car ride yesterday of just how far away from being well of this horrible, scary, bizzare, life-limiting, monster i actually am)

I despise MAV and what it has done to my so-called life. I wish i had a prescription pad.

i guess i need to practice more of my practice of patience, and knowing that this is the cross that I bare - tomorrow. Today i am mad and depressed and would rather cry.