Gear VR apps to help with motion sickness?

Hi all. Anyone know of any apps that work with the Gear VR that help cure dizziness/motion sickness? there’s a fellow called Mark Cuban who is a tech guy who apparently helped cure his dizziness through the use of the gear vr. You’ll have to google it if you want to read about it as i’m not allowed to post links. TIA for the replies, Steven.

P.S. if anyone is interested, my diagnosis is a significant 37% caloric weakness on the left side which indicates a lesion of the left labyrinth or vestibular nerve

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Any idea what might have kicked this off?

hi, no worries.
It may have been kicked off from a car accident in August 2009 though I didn’t have any symptoms until over 3 years later when I got incredibly dizzy working one night on the 4th of December, 2012. Even though it’s been quite a long time and i’m not 100% sure, i believe my motion sickness has changed from dec 2012 until now. I can never remember getting randomly sick in the afternoons for no reason at all like I do now, plus i used to dry reach and now i don’t. Although it has been a long time like I said.

We have a few members on here after trauma. I had minor ear trauma that caused my acute symptoms, then a blissful 6 months or so without any bad stuff. Then MAV hit me. Symptoms tend to morph over time, a long time. It can take a loooooong time to get better, years and years. Hang in there.

Have you tried some of the medication to help you along?

Medication i’ve tried includes stemetil, serc and stugoren. I gave up on them. I was attending a local vestibular physio but have not seen him for a couple of years. I hate doing the exercises, they make me even worse. I remember him mentioning that he would like to get a gear vr headset because some apps were being developed that could help in recovery. I’m in a place at the moment where I definitely have the time to go and see him again, it is the will that I lack. I just hate the idea of doing the exercises again. However, now since i’ve got the vr headset, I may be encouraged to do them again if I can find some apps and turn it into a game of sorts. (I am a gamer)

Yep, this happens to a lot of us!

So you haven’t tried the tricyclics, e.g. Ami or Nori?

I enjoy my videogames too. Ami helped a lot with tolerating that.

Please take a look through the site Wiki.

Nintendo wii balance board is good. My personal favourite is tennis against a practise wall. Good luck.

Where can i buy a wii balance board? Will this work?

You need the nintendo base unit to add this as an accessory. Nitendo does not make it anymore. I bought mine on Ebay. I dont use mine regularly. You can stand on one leg and bounce a ball off the wall and catch it. This exercise is free and more effective than the wii :slight_smile:

I have a wii setup with the board and games. I am to heavy to use it unfortunately hence the reason I started this post, to find some apps for the gear vr headset. This way my weight doesn’t matter as i can sit down and use any apps.

I have not heard of Ami or Nori.

That’s quite surprising.

You should definitely consider trying Amitriptyline for your motion sickness and toleration of screens. It was transformative for me.

More on Amitriptyline and other drugs here and was voted helpful by the most users here.

i didn’t realise it was a drug. I noticed it’s an anti-depressant. I’m already on fluoxetine and reboxetine. How did it help? It might be worth a trip to the doctor if it can help.

This sums up my experience:

I’m no longer on it (or any other meds).

yes it’s prozac. You’re no longer on the amitriptyline and your dizziness is still gone? must’ve worked a treat! I’ll have to see my doctor about it. I don’t like the idea of messing with my anxiety/depression meds but if the ami can help with my dizziness, i’ll do it for sure, provided it’s available where I live (north queensland, australia)

It’s not cured but much better to the point where I don’t believe meds would make me any better.

Amitriptyline is a WHO standard medication. It’s been around since the '60s. It’s available as a generic.

You would need to be careful of interactions with your current medication.

I don’t believe Amitriptyline healed anything, it merely assisted my brain to cope with my hydropic ear.

The ear itself has improved albeit not 100% yet. I am hopeful of further improvement but relapses happen that dent this confidence.

something is better than nothing. Next time i go to the doctor i’ll ask him.

Going back to the original reason for this post though, no one knows of any apps?

No clue, sorry. You are in Australia then, well must say when researching the various balance conditions I’ve regularly found some really well written and informative articles, some of the best, that just turned out to originate in Australia. Guess the distances of the continent make the internet very useful tool that is used well. Only comment I’d like to make about VR ‘exercises’ would be the only person I’ve come across who had had great experience of them having had the full works in UK on insurance was that he found they didn’t translate into the real world. You could learn to find your way through the VR supermarket wearing a harness and 3D goggles in front of huge screen just fine, after much practice until you could do it without being dizzy
But he then went in his local One Stop Store and found he was still as dizzy as a duck! He too had sustained damage to his vestibular system, and also happened to be migraineur.

Your symptoms are, as you’ve no doubt worked out for yourself, due to your balance. From my own experience of MAV I’d say it might be worth trying a preventative if you can to stabilise the condition, and then just bite the bullet and do manual VRT sometime in the future if the consultant deems it necessary. Some aren’t that keen on it anyway. Currently, with an unstable balance condition, just walking outside every day can be very effective and shouldn’t make you feel as ill as VRT. Helen

Seems like biting the bullet and doing the rehab again is my only choice. Although i really do not like it, i will be better off in the long run and just have to keep telling myself that when i’m not feeling great.
I will be talking to my doctor about the amitriptyline next time I go. It is something I haven’t tried yet and with some luck, may be the thing I need to help me get through the exercises.


I trust you are normally active? Going for a walk every day helps me.