Hi all,

I think I’m in a major dilemma. My eyes aren’t what they used to be and I find I have to hold things farther and farther away from my face to actually see the text without straining my eyes – especially if it’s fine text. My Dad is far-sighted and I’m obviously following in his footsteps. He holds the newspaper about 500 feet away to see what’s going on without glasses.

Lately I’ve had continuous daily headaches come back with a vengeance and peak late in the day after I’ve been on this Mac for half a day. It’s ramping everything up and making me feel ill. Sleep is affected. This was happening last year when I was sitting under fluoro lights. I thought it was the lights. But now it’s happening in a naturally lit space on the same Mac I’ve always used. There’s no other factor.

So, do you guys know this to be a trigger for yourselves if you don’t wear glasses? Is this a no-brainer?

Second, and this is what is freakin’ me out. If I do anything to alter my visual field or view, it can potentially destroy me. Not unlike looking at a new computer screen. Ever since having VN, I have a very tough time with this. I just don’t know how I can put on some glasses and solve this headache problem without introducing another new problem – serious dizziness.

How do you guys deal with this?

Thanks for the input.

Scott 8)


Since this “fun” began I’ve found I really get into problems if I try to start using a computer or reading without my glasses (I’m short-sighted).

If you needed to wear the glasses all the time then I’d say contacts might be a solution that wouldn’t create an artificial visual field, but if you only need them for reading then that wouldn’t be practical.

SO that was a whole heap of help for you wasn’t it :roll: …

Monovision or bifocal lense contacts would work for reading, but I don’t know if they make them for far-sightedness. I have problems with changing light but not so much with computers (if I go from a lighted room to a darker room then back to a brighter area, etc.) And, I have noticed that if my contact lense prescription needs adjusting it will cause me more dizziness. However, 2-3 years ago I had much worse sensitivity and I would wear sunglasses at my computer.
Scott, get the recommendations of an optometrist or eye doctor since lots of people have difficulty with computer usage even if they don’t have MAV. I would think there’s at least something that can prevent you from frequent meltdowns if it’s your eyes that are contributing to the MAV.

Thanks G and M,

I might have a look tomorrow. Eye testing is free here so what have I got to lose? I’m quite certain this has become yet another major trigger for head pain. I always feel better by Sunday evening once away from it all for two days. You’re right too that there must be millions of people experiencing problems like this from excess computer use. Isn’t getting old wonderful. It’s like watching a car fall apart. :lol:

Aint it though - just as you start to get your head a s*it together the body starts to fall apart :lol:


I can recommend my optometrist, Chris McMahon. He’s at Sydney Uni in the Wentworth building. I’ve been going to him for 20 years. Haven’t been for a couple of years but from memory he bulk bills.


Scott: I always “freak out” when I go for an eye exam. All that manipulation and changing of focus makes me dizzy and I can’t wait to get out of there. I use glasses in front of the computer and to read. It takes me a long time to adjust to any new prescription but once I adjust it does make a big difference in my eyesight and dizziness.
Good luck.

My first pair of glasses I was persuaded to have varifocals (big mistake) felt completely seasick. Changed them for bifocals, made me dizzy and kept falling down kerbs! I have to have different glasses for everything and keep them simple. I have reading glasses at the computer and they dont cause a problem.

When I have a new perscription I can be more dizzy temporarily, I have been known to get them done again on more than one occasion. Contacts are OK for going out in the evening, but I dont like them for daywear. They tend to move and then you get blurred vision, plus the fact that we get watery eyes with the heads etc. doesnt make them too comfortable for me.

Scott, the other day, I spent 10 hours fast work on the computer and ended up exhausted. The next day, I felt really ill, so dizzy I couldnt stand in the kitchen, this weird tired head (no pain) where I couldnt function to do anything. I just dont think we can stand that much visual stimulation and input.

Having had all the fancy eye tests, I now tend to go to an optician who just performs the simple ones, the fancy ones make me really dizzy and its unpleasant. I find the whole thing a joke, when I read that it costs the opticians around £10 for a pair of glasses and then they handle then like gold dust as they hand them to us and say £280 please! So if they dont feel right, dont be afraid to take them back.


Hey Scott -

I probably know just enough to be misinformed :? but I believe farsightedness is not the same as what happens when we hit 40ish and need reading glasses. The latter condition has more to do with our eyes not being as able to zoom in and out as they were when we were younger. You can have what is considered good eyesight for things like driving, but then you hit that magic age - somewhere around 40 - and your eyes aren’t nimble enough to adjust to close up stuff. “Farsighted” people are that way from a young age, from what I understand.

I think everyone should see a real eye M.D. at some point in their lives, but that’s just my opinion. However, in the short run, you might be able to get away with some reading glasses that you can buy at what we in the U.S. call drug stores (chemist shop or something like that down under? - we need a google translator here…).


Right, Maryalice… It’s called presbyopia (spelling??). I gotta say I love my monovision contacts and you can also get them in bifocal lenses. Takes a bit of getting used to, but they work. However, it could be a bitch for an MAVer who has visual vertigo triggers…

I’m aging and really should wear bifocals but hate them so i just take my glasses off or look over them to read most of the time.

However, since im on a computer all day long every day work pays for “computer” glasses - they are specially made for about 24 inches back from a monitor - a desktop monitor not a laptop but they really have been a life saver for me. I had an ergonomic evaluation once and they said i can’t wear bifocals on the computer because id be putting my head back all the time and therefore hurting my neck.

of course on bad days it wouldn’t matter what i was wearing when i dont feel good i have a hard time looking up at the monitor or a screen in a conference room or anything.


Thanks for the replies everyone.

Christine – I just spent two 10 hour days back to back crunching numbers on my Mac. I’ve currently got one of the worst headaches I can ever recall. It woke me last night at 3 AM with blinding pain in the top right of my forehead. Today I feel positively ill as you described. I don’t know if I should have a neck massage or not. Everything is so sore and messed up. I’ve got to get my eyes tested but feel too trashed to even leave my bedroom today. I’m lying here in darkness with the fan on. Can’t stand the light or heat right now.

I’m going to try and start doing some light yoga later on. I mustn’t ever let myself get this over-worked again without doing some exercise of some sort to break it up. :shock:


Is there any way you can take breaks from the computer. I am crap at disciplining myself. Once I get stuck into something interesting I just keep going into exhaustion. There is still this exhaustion element that I cannot completely connect to MAV which they say is the ME, who knows. That day after the 10 hr stint, was a complete write off, I spent it on the bed. The next day I had improved, so did 2 hrs on the computer then did two hours of cleaning, I went downhill again, exactly the same, so that was with the physical stuff.

In my experience, the only cure for this exhaustion, dizziness is rest (complete rest) for a day or two. Boring I know. I wouldnt bother with the massage, probably make you worse in this state. If you can postphone the eye test I would do that for a few days as well, you would no doubt get through it, but it would be unpleasant, especially if they do a lot of tests (eg. focusing on red and green dots in the dark). You are obviously in a bad phase at the moment, b… depressing I know. Rest will get you back on track. This is where I am at the moment too :frowning:



I do wear glasses, and recently have had to start wearing bifocals. Years ago before all this started up I always said that when my vision got to that point I would carry reading glasses. Now that I am at that point, I cannot use reading glasses. Looking at anything more than 2 feet away causes eye strain and that is now a trigger for me. I have had to learn how to use the bifocals for reading, because they WILL cause the illusion of movement. It’s taken me about a year to adjust and learn not to move my head while looking through the bottom of my glasses. I also have the no-line/progressive lenses which I have discovered has a small area with no focal adjustment in the center. That is the part I use to look at the monitor with.

Brian – thanks for the info. I’m doing something about this today. About to call up an optometrist here at the university that Vic recommended. I am STILL in a viscious headache cycle. It’s so bad that I’m feeling anxious as hell now because it worries me about being able to get my work done. I’m on a new work station we’re running tests on here in our dept where you can stand and work or also sit on this really funky chair that looks more like a horse saddle. I’m also trying to place the Mac farther away so that my eyes aren’t working so hard. What a life! :?

Christine – I will be making a MAJOR effort today to take frequent breaks and give my eyes a break. I’m setting a timer on this iPhone to go off every 20 min.

Thanks all … Scott

Hang in there scott -and good luck with the optometrist

I wear contacts daily for distance and I have used reading glasses for about 6 years. Since all of this MAV/SCD junk started, my close-up vision became markedly worse—very, very rapidly. Also, some days I can’t read or do computer work at all! My reading glasses had to be ramped up and I my arms can’t seem to hold things far enough away when I’m reading things! Symptom #578, I suppose.
Scott—I sure hope you can get out of your current nightmare real soon. It’s like a tornado that you just have to wait out and then you keep looking to the sky for the next one. I long for the days when I didn’t even watch the sky because I was too busy enjoying life to care!!

Good Luck today S,
Hope it doesnt ramp up the symptoms.

Finally made it to the appt for my eye testing after cancelling twice. The last two days have been crazy. My Dad lives in Christchurch and we couldn’t find him for about 30 hours. To make a long story short, he and his wife are fine, their house was trashed by the quake, and I may fly over there in two days to help them clean up the mess.

Anyway, as I suspected, my eyes are most definitely in need of glasses for computer work and reading. The guy I saw had records of a vision test from 1998. The astigmatism was slightly worse but not much and, overall, he said I had great vision for a 45 year old. However, I need something sorted for the computer. Age is creeping in.

He said that if you wake in the morning with a headache, it’s a telltale sign that it’s from your eyes. I’ve been waking with headaches and neck pain for months. I told him how my vision freaks out so easily (visual vertigo) and so he didn’t go crazy correcting the astigmatism; just made things clear again. I am hopeful this will make a big impact on killing a significant trigger.

Will update once I get the glasses.

Scott :shock:

Hi Scott,

So sorry to hear the worry you have had with your dad and his wife. Sorry the house was trashed but thank God they are safe.

Glad you are getting the glasses sorted. Sounds like, he knew what he was talking about, because every time they try and push correct my astigmatism too much I have trouble with the glasses.

Hope it makes a difference with the visual vertigo and the morning headaches. We live in hope :smiley: