How mvertigo is funded and implications.


A quick note to remind everyone how the costs this site incurs are paid for:

  • by kind donation (a very many thanks to those who have contributed, without you this site might have disappeared)
  • by affiliated but relevant links to products when appropriate (many thanks to all of you who have bought products from Amazon via my links - this also helps tremendously with the IT bills)

As a result of the latter please take note of this line in the Terms of Service:

Promotion of a product or service for which mvertigo does not enjoy an affiliation may also be removed, especially for those products or services which are available via existing affiliated routes

That said, recommending a product is welcomed and extremely helpful of course. I will try to add an affiliated link to your recommendations when possible. This becomes a win-win for users and the site. It even improves the presentation and breaks up the text a bit :).

Also, as you know this is a unique and niche website but one that has influence over a lot of sufferers. In order to protect the future of this site and the interests of the users please be careful not to over-egg recommendations.

It’s a fine to recommend a doctor but please, none of them (as I’m sure they’d admit) have a miracle cure, so whilst its great to hear they are good, mvertigo does not exist to provide a free platform for OTT advertising of specific specialists or consultants. A certain UK doctor, for example, whilst clearly competent, seems to be mentioned at the exclusion of many other UK specialists and he is far from the only one who can provide the very same identical treatment protocol within a quality, professional, caring, patient-doctor relationship.

Note that for similar reasons, the Healthboards site completely bans mentions of doctors. Please keep your recommendations sensible.

Obviously it’s an ongoing risk this site might be abused for free advertising so I’m a little bit sensitive about this. It’s obviously important to weigh that against the need for users to get helpful information and contacts. A total ban presently doesn’t make sense to me.

Thanks for your understanding.