Hydroxyzine experiences

Has anyone here taken hydroxyzine when feeling anxious or for help with dizziness and do they feel like it did anything?

I’ve taken it for years as needed for anxiety. Then I took it to help with my sinuses during allergy season. It seems I have vertigo when I have a runny nose. My ENT couldn’t find any link between the two and sent me to a neurologist after my MRI suggested I’m suffering from migraines without headache. I have no idea but I love Hydroxyzine. You can take it as needed or every day. It helps with anxiety, nausea and sinus drainage. I’m super sensitive to most medications but not this one.

Yes, didn’t help much for me, although I tried to use it more for insomnia. My current medication (metoprolol) works for anxiety for me. BTW I found gabapentin to be better for sleep and I still use it once a week or so just because it works so well for sleep.

I have wondered if my dizziness is also sinus related! So it’s interesting that you would say that. I suffer from migraine and am diagnosed with MAV but this all started when a tooth infection was very close to my sinus and my symptoms are worse when I’m congested or have a runny nose.

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Gabapentin helped with my insomnia and nerve pain for lower back but when I tried it for my vertigo I couldn’t take a big enough dosage to help it.

As for Hydroxyzine I take 10mg but my husband has to take 25mg to help his anxiety and to get a good night’s. It take 75 mg for him when he first started taking it.

That’s come up a few times! Checkout Karen’s (@Mav 's) Posts for example:

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Interesting, thanks. Will type sinus into the search bar and see what else pops up.

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