I seem to have a yearly relapse vertigo hi guys

Hi guys so for some reason this is my third year of posting at near enough the same time of year.
I had my daughter September last year I posted on here as I was bad at the time. I was dizzy a bit after the labour but went back to my normal self within a few weeks and have been ok mostly for the last year just dizzy moments the off vertigo attack.
I came off all my meds again as I couldn’t lose weight after my daughter.

Well last week I had been having some dizzy spells worse then usual and on Monday I got up off the sofa after having my head at an odd angle.
Well I had one of the worst attacks in ten years room spinning couldn’t walk I was screaming tbh.

This was on Monday it’s now Friday and I’ve been dizzy since the spinning took 12 hours to stop .

I’ve had to ring in sick at work all week as I don’t feel safe to drive etc

Not sure if I had a BPV attack or what it was that happened as my vertigo usually starts randomly not by head movement and I can usually tell when one will start.

So I think for me I have to stay on meds for life because if I come off I get really bad within a year.

I re started my meds last night and hoping for the best . I just went back to work after a year off and I think that started it off too,

I’m thinking of giving up work for good now and focus on my health and maybe all the running around and the kids is just to much and I have this illness which we never get rid of do we ?

I hope this goes off again the attack was a very violent one so I’m worried this time :confused:

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