Is there any hope to get back to 100% normal??

Hi everyone, I’ve been suffering with VM for 8 months now: constant brain fog, derealization, feeling of being pulled/pushed/on a boat 24/7 and I’m starting to lose hope.

I’ve been through the “success stories” but I find it’s mainly made of posts of people “on their way” to recovery. I very rarely hear about someone who chronically suffered and recovered fully.

I’m thinking maybe it’s because recovered people don’t come back on forums or groups once they are healed… but still I can’t help to be depressed about this and I’m really wondering if I’ll ever get my life back.

Do you know/Have you heard of people who were chronic sufferers and recovered 100%?

I just need a little bit of hope :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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This has been asked before on more than one Topic.

The only evidence we have is on this site.

Check #coping and specifically this post

Unfortunately recovery is so long and gradual that once people feel ‘good enough’ they don’t return here and update us it appears. Do you see posters from 2012 still posting? I don’t!

I recently spoke to the head of a balance clinic in London and she stated that most people with MAV recover, it just takes time and the time varies considerably. Recovery in less than 3 years is not typical. There are a small proportion of people who remain. They class those people as having ‘VM’ which is an interesting distinction.